13 Fun Drawing Games for Kids

Playing drawing games and giving art prompts will help to introduce small challenges to children in a fun way. While playing games, children tend to retain attention for a longer period of time and they actively engage in their learning. This is also the way to introduce them to difficult concepts.

When we visit different artists and art styles, we had something to learn from each of them. These and many more creative exercises have been put together here.

These art games can be played anytime, even while you are travelling or waiting for food in the restaurants.

Drawing Game 1: Circles

How many ways can you draw and overlap two circles?

Here are some ways I have drawn two circles. You can touch them, overlap them, draw one inside the other. Circles give a feeling of movement, a sense of rhythm. 

Can you think of drawing an entire painting with circles? Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay created huge abstract paintings repeating colored circles in different ways.  Imaginary lines cut through the circles adding more color to the paintings.


Drawing Game 2: The line of symmetry

Look for 5 things around you that are symmetrical. Draw them along the line of symmetry.

The line of symmetry is a line or an axis against which the subject has identical parts. We see many objects in nature that are symmetrical.

To draw things symmetrical, measure different points from the line of symmetry and then join them.

Now complete these drawings. In figure 2, you see the bird above the line of symmetry. So here when you draw the other bird, you have to overlap it.

Drawing Game 3 – Stick figures

The easiest way to draw humans is to draw it as stick figures. There are a number of ways you can draw them. Here you see some of them.

When I was young I was fascinated to draw different Olympic sports symbols. Try to draw the figures in right proportions and associate them with the action they are performing.

Now, here are some objects. Draw some figures to associate with the objects, like someone sitting on the chair, someone swinging, painting the walls while standing on the ladder and someone flying a kite. 


Stik is a graffiti artist from London who paints beautiful stick figures and associates them aptly with the background.

Drawing Game 4: Draw with eyes closed

Have you tried to draw with your eyes closed? It is fun. Draw anything, a cup, a glass, a vase, some books. You might find it challenging when you lift your hands and try to continue from where you left.

Here is my daughter’s attempt to draw with her eyes closed. She drew a cup cake, a lollipop and a cup of steaming coffee.

Drawing Game 5: Colours

Draw as many things you know that is of the colour purple. We see purple lilies, octopuses, eggplants.

One way to improve your creative thinking is to take a topic, may be even the colors, and draw as many things as you can with that topic.

Now, let’s draw things which have a combination of colors like black and white. For example, a chess board has black and white squares, a piano, a panda. I have drawn a yin-yang here. Draw five more things of your choice.

Drawing Game 6: Patterns

How do you make your painting look busy? One way is to fill the areas with patterns.

Patterns can be of geometric shapes like square, triangle or circle. It can also be completely organic shapes. It might be filled randomly or can be in at equal distances. Remember patterns should be proportional to the area that needs to be filled. It cannot be too large or too many.

Romero Britto is a pop artist who divides his image with lines and then filled them with patterns. The paintings look vert vibrant and colourful. 

Fill these areas with your own designs. Use markers for this.

Drawing Game 7: Scribbles

Valentine's day cards in Jean Dubuffet styleDo you see images in things around you? Many of us do. When we see marks on the wall or the clouds in the sky, we start imagining familiar patterns and images.

Here are some scribbles. Can you outline an image that you see? Jean Dubuffet created works of art with his uncontrolled lines. Fill the image with pencil colours once you have outlined the image.

Drawing Game 8: Postage stamp

Take an A4 sheet of paper. Draw something. Then try to draw something in a very small area. Do you feel it is challenging? You cannot fill too many things in a small area and too little in a big area of canvas keeping the area mostly blank. Think of ways to fill this drawing area. You can draw anything. Then paint them with colours of your choice.

Drawing Game 9: Draw a chain

Can you complete the chain? Draw at least five loops.

Drawing chains or looping is a good exercise for understanding overlapping. What lines go above and what below so that it looks like a chain.



Drawing Game 10: Op art

Complete this pattern.

What you just drew is known as Op art. Op art or Optical art is a form of abstract art which uses lines, shapes, and patterns to create an illusion like a feeling of movement or warping.

What we need to create here is a repetition of pattern. So complete the picture and see the effect after you complete it.


Drawing Game 11: Wind blowing

How do you show in your painting that the wind is blowing?

Think of what happens when the wind blows. The trees bend, dry leaves fly, hair and clothes fly, flags flutter.

Here is a sketch. Can you now sketch the same scene and show what happens when a strong wind blows?




Drawing Game 12: Shapes

Can you draw two things from each of these shapes?

Here is another shape. Convert it to an image using this shape. I could see a bell.


Drawing Game 13: Draw with both hands

Draw with both the hands simultaneously.

When you draw the first time with both hands, it will easier to draw something symmetrical as they can move same way together. Hold one pencil in each hand and start drawing. There might be a difference of the quality of the lines between the hands. First, try drawing a flower. That might be less challenging.

Stay tuned for more fun drawing games and art prompts.



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