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5 Best Paint Markers to Buy in India

Use of acrylic paint markersAcrylic paint markers make acrylic paintings look complete and neat.

Why children need acrylic paint markers?

When children start painting, their hands are not very steady to hold a brush and paint smoothly. Outlining with thin brushes becomes a challenge. On the other hands, outlines with black make the subject stand out. So use paint pens which are easier to control and gives a better finish to the picture.

Again many of these markers have permanent ink. So children need to careful. It is best to use them under adult supervision.

Here are the 5 type of paint markers that can buy in India. These are ideal for children aged 7-12 years of age.

1. Sharpie paint markers – black

Sharpie has a set of paint markers which includes Ex fine, Fine, Medium and Bold which is chisel shaped. You can buy them as a set.

Fine acrylic markers are necessary to outline smaller object. You might also find it easier to use fine tip acrylic markers to make eyes and detailing of other objects. 


2. Sharpie paint markers – white

White, as you know is an important color in acrylic. You need white markers if you are working on black canvas or any colored canvas. They can also be used to highlight and show luminescence of an object. White is also used as a whitener to touch up minor mistakes in the painting.

Like the black all size Sharpie paint markers set, you have one in white.

3. Colored paint markers – pastel shades

When children want to make designs on acrylic paints, using opaque water-based colored markers is a good option. The patterns are more symmetrical and it gives a neat and bright look.  There are also some artists like Ted Harrison who prefer outlining their pictures in colors other than black or white. 

Buy pastel shades for darker backgrounds. These are extra-fine pastel paint pens.

Other than canvas and paper that we are using here, you can use acrylic paint markers on almost any surface like wood, metal, walls, porcelain, plastic and glass.

4. Colored paint markers – metallic

Children love to work with metallic shades like silver and gold. They look good both on light and dark base. Sharpie has a set of two pens, silver and gold.

5. Brustro acrylic paint markers

I love these pens and they work quite well on acrylic. Brustro acrylic markers are non-toxic but since they use primed pump to let the ink flow, it is not safe for children. So children should use these markers under adult supervision.

The paint flow is very smooth and it gives a good finish. Let the ink dry just after use to avoid smudging. Brustro Acrylic Paint Marker Black is water resistant, so you can first outline and then paint on it as well. Since it is UV resistant, it does not discolor if the painting is kept in bright light for a long time.


6. Uniball Signo pen

The Uniball Signo pens are available in sets of 3, in white, gold and creamy silver. They are fine tip markers and work well on acrylic. Use these pens for highlighting, detailing or patterning.


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