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5 Best Easels to Buy for Children

After seeing my daughter paint for some time, I felt the need for an easel for her. She felt more like an artist while painting on it. Easels allow the better eye-to-hand coordination and since the painting is kept vertical at eye-level, children can view the perspective while painting. It also allows to loosen up strokes and get more uncontrolled spontaneous art. Here are some easels you can buy for children.

There are many types of easels available in the market and they serve many purpose. Easels can be portable, table top, bench or display type. They can be made of wood or metal frames, but wooden painting easel is more common.

A-shape and H-shape Easel

Easels are available mainly in A or H shapes just as the letters themselves. Children might prefer to have an H-shaped easel as they are more sturdy and the canvas rests better on the frame. Some are a combination of A and H where the H tapers to form almost an A.

Most of the easels are adjustable and one can adjust heights, angles with adjusting screws. Again for children, we would like to choose something simple with less number of joints so that it is safe for them.

Standing and Table top

Standing easels are ones where the easel rest on three legs and the artist stands and paints. The height of the easel below can be adjusted so that we can even sit and paint.

Tabletop easels are kept on the table and here you have an option to sit, as well as, stand while you paint. Then there are bench easels where the easel is attached with a bench. These easels occupy some space.

Then there are easels with two adjustable vertical rods. Brustro has such a portable easel lowering one of the vertical rods drop the canvas lower, even below the table level. This makes easier to reach the top part of the canvas. Again this might a little more sophisticated for kids.

Portable easels can store art supplies while you carry them around. If you are looking for one so that your child can paint outdoors, you might choose one of these.

Display Easels

As the name suggests, it is to display your painting once done rather than working on the easel itself. But this portable easel from Brustro is sturdy enough to let you work on it as well as display the painting when you are done.

Sometimes simple drawing boards are all that you need. It gives a sturdy base when you using single sheets of paper and it is also easy to carry them around. Sometimes larger boards like A2 or A3 size are difficult to get. Brustro has a good option of a drawing board which is size A2. 

If you are looking for option to tape the sheet on the board while painting instead of clipping it, you can buy artists masking tape shown below.

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