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5 Fun Acrylic Painting Tools for Kids

Other than the essential acrylic painting supplies, children will love to use these tools to get a range of texture to their paintings.

Acrylic Knife

Acrylic Knives or Palette knives are used to apply acrylic paints on canvas directly. So instead of a brush we are using a knife to apply the paint. This gives a flat look to the paint on canvas.

Squeeze out some paint on the knife like toothpaste and slowly pull the knife on canvas.  Use the edge of the knife to scratch the surface of the paint to give a different texture. To clean the paint from the knife after use, dip it in water and pull the paint out with a rag or a cloth.

There are knives that are available in sets. Buy stainless steel ones as it will not rust. Their slightly curved handles make it easy to apply paint on paper.

Buy bergino Set of 5 Painting Knives. They are thin and have slightly flexible blades which help children to apply the paint properly on paper and canvas.

Bianyo Artist Palette Knife Set is something that we loved using.

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a type of glue and it dries clear after applying. So it can be applied above the object to glue. Apply one layer of Mod Podge on a stretched, primed, dried, canvas in the area you want to stick something. Then place the paper, fabric or other objects that you want to glue. Apply another layer of mod podge on top of the object.

Apply with a flat foam brush. Since it is water soluble, wash it clean. It is non-toxic and so it makes it suitable for children.

Mod Podge is available in gloss and matte finish. Buy a small 4-ounce gloss finish Mod Podge bottle initially.


Sponges are again fun to use. You get prints depending on the shape of the sponge. Dab the sponge into the paint, print it on paper or canvas. Children love them as it is easier to use and gives similar prints. Children can use it with stencils. It can be also used to give unique merged effect with different shades.

There are sponges which are round with different diameter and there are flat foam brushes with different thickness. See that the products are not too porous and absorb a lot of paint. The flat broad foam can also be used to cover large areas of canvas.  Natural seaweed sponge is best to use.

Masking Tape

Masking tapes help to cover or mask off areas that should not be painted. Children can apply these tapes in definite shapes and patterns before applying paint on paper or canvas.  Remove the tapes once the paint is dry. Get patterns and beautiful abstract painting using these tapes.

Clay Tools

Make patterns and texture on wet acrylic paint using clay tools. Apply paints again after the textured layer has dried. Mungyo Clay Modelling Tools are made out of plastic and are ideal for kids in kindergarten and school.

Wash the tools after use.

Children will also love to use regular household items like bubble wraps, corrugated cardboard sheets, bottle caps, spray bottles, threads, paper rolls to get rare backgrounds for your paintings. Enjoy while you give different textures to your painting.

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