7 Easy Art Projects with Markers

Here are 7 easy art projects to create with markers and paper for small children. Markers and sketch pens are easy to grasp for kids and it also gives a colourful and bright finish to the paintings. Markers are easily available in the market and are easy to use as they are not messy.

So here are the painting ideas for small children

Textured landscape

Children love to draw landscape like undulating lands, small houses, mountains and the river. This is also the time that there lines enclose to form shapes. Help your children fill these spaces with some texture, dots, lines, squiggles. Teach them to create depths with the choice of colors. The painting has a more finished and complete look

pointillism for kidsPointillism

Pointillism is an art created only by points or dots. Georges Seurat started this style of painting in the late 19th century. Try drawing only with dots and nothing else. There is no lines at all. Children will enjoy making this art.

Op art for kidsOp Art

Op art is an art which is meant to be drawn with markers. Start by tracing the hand or making simple shapes like heart, ball to create the illusion of op art. Op art also teach children to understand difficult concepts like perspective.

Finger and thumb prints

You will see that you can create almost anything, from an ant to an elephant, with your finger prints. Color one of the fingers of the child with a marker and ask them to print on paper. Depending on the colour of the finger print, ask them to draw the corresponding animal. Like, if the colour is orange, they can make a crab or if it is green, they can make a frog. Improvise by printing two or three prints together or printing a mix of two colours. 

Paint with Markers

Using markers to paint. Broad tip markers can be easily used to fill the entire area with colours. Markers are bright and filling the areas with these colours make the painting look even more colourful.

Paint peacock in the madhubani art styleFolk Art with Markers

The work of folk art is usually intricate and that’s the reason markers seem to be the best art medium to paint folk art. Take a coloured paper and then use opaque paint markers to draw the shapes and forms of folk art. Warli painting, Madhubani or Bhil art are forms of folk painting which all children seem to enjoy.


Folded Paper Art

Folded paper art is the art that is revealed when you open the fold. Usually, it is a continuation of the painting that is seen above the folds. An example could be fish opening its mouth to eat something when you open the fold. Again markers can be used to create these fun art projects.

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