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7 Things You Need For A Perect Kids Art Area

You need a creative space for your kids in your house. It is this area where they can sit anytime they want and access their paints and other art material easily to paint. “Creativity is a characteristic given to all human beings at birth” – Abraham Maslow. So engulf them with an atmosphere where they feel the need to express themselves through art. Expose them to a variety of materials. Have markers, pastels, watercolor, acrylic. Give them the choice to select what they want to paint with. Here are some tips that to organise and make the space ideal for your kid to create.

1. Keep the place lighted up

You need to have the art corner well ventilated and illuminated. Painting in natural light is best for kids. Arrange the table near the window. Have a table lamp. Focused light always help them to concentrate.

2. A working table and chair

The child must be comfortable when they are painting. Have a table top and an area which can be easily cleaned and rearranged. Keep them away from walls. My daughter finds the kitchen table her place to work. The granite top is easy to clean though I cover with a plastic sheet and a newspaper before she starts painting. She interacts with me every now and then to show her progress. It is easy for me to talk to her while she sits and paints here. She loves sitting in high rotating chairs. So we also arranged a high rotating chair for her to reach the granite top.

3. A drawing board

An easel is good to have especially for small children who usually loves drawing on walls. But for older kids, you can make an arrangement on a table. You should have a drawing board.  You should have A3 size drawing boards. It is advisable to keep the board at an angle, at least 30 to 45 degrees. Clip the paper to the board so that the paper does not fly. Remind your child to color the area under the clip You should also ask the kid to stand and look at their painting from a distance. It helps to understand and adjust the perspective of the

4. Storage area

Store the art supplies in boxes and shelves that are easily accessible. You cannot be looking for things when you feel like doing something. So have them arranged and sorted inviting the child to paint. There should be designated areas to keep paints, markers, brushes, paper rolls and canvases. When a picture is half done, keep it in the same place so that they come back and complete the picture. Your child would need breaks to think and work again.

5. A place to display the finished product

Display your child’s paintings near this creative corner. You can have a board where you can pin them. You can also put strings and clip the picture on them. Hang new paintings every now and then.

6. Portable art area

A portable storage area is also good for painting. You can roll your table of paint supplies and make arrangements in the garden or the balcony to paint.

7. Handy waste cloth

Spilling and splattering of paints is normal for any child and we need to act immediately. Keep a cloth handy. Wipe it clean as soon as possible. I am sure that the child would not like to sit in the same place if the place looks messy. You can look for ideas for kids art area and creative spaces at Pinterest. Here is our arrangement. Design one for yours. It is fun to create this space, see your child sit and create. Children need a place to sit, think and create. And it cannot be the same place where they study or play. It is best to have a dedicated space for them to feel inspired to create.

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