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9 Best Colouring Pens and Markers for Kids

Buying colouring pens and markers for kids is not easy when you have so many options available online. Buy sketch pens that are washable and then pens that are permanent. Buy ultra fine tip pens, fine tip, broad tip and chisel-shaped colouring pens. These coloured pen sets are available in sets of 6, 12, 24 and even 50. So the choices are many.

Here is a guide to help you buy colouring pens for kids.

Chisel Shaped Markers

My first choice of markers for kids are the chisel tip markers as they are easier to handle and give beautiful effects on paper.  For chisel shaped markers, you can have a broader edge or a narrow edge depending on the angle you hold the pen. It can be easily used for filling up spaces and also for outlining. Luxor chisel shaped markers are quite inexpensive and are refillable. They are available in sets of 10.

Broad Tip Markers

These pens have conical tips and can be used to colour large areas or create slim lines. Crayola has a wide range of colours.  The colours are washable and can be easily cleaned from skin and clothing.

Fine tip Sketch Pens

Fine tip or super tip markers and sketch pens are most widely used by children. Most packs contain a colourful range of colours to choose from. Faber Castell pens are easily available in many shades and children are fascinated with the connector pen sets from Faber-Castell. They have sturdy nibs and have washable waterbased ink.

Crayola also has 50 bright shades to choose from this pack of super tip markers and can children can create any number of imaginative and colorful creations.

Ultra-fine tip markers

Ultra-fine tip markers are used for colouring books and creating zentangles. The pens are used for patterns and they are used mostly with other media like watercolour and coloured pencils. Most of these pens have permanent ink. Children can use them to create fine marker art like pointillism. These pens do not bleed on most paper.

Metallic Markers

These markers have a shine to give a metallic look. Children love metallic colours and you might choose to have one of these. Crayola Metallic markers add shimmery effects to both light and dark paper.

Gel pens

A gel pen ink is thick and opaque and shows on top of the most coloured surface. It is now widely used for art journaling and with acrylic paints. Children use them for writing and illustrations. Gel pens are available in metallic colours, neon and there are glitter gel pens too.
AmazaPens and Sakura have a wide range of gel pens that work well on dark surfaces.

Markers and colouring pens are easy to use and they make paintings bright and vibrant. Buy different tip markers and use them along with other colouring media.

Glitter pens

Children love to use glitter pens and Flair glitter gel pens are great for doing craft work. We also use for calligraphy and other art projects.

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  1. This is a much needed post esp for toddler parents 🙂 I havent started giving my 3 year old pens yet as she just draws inside her palm and under her foot! For how she paints with watercolors and poster paints that are washable easily 🙂


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