9 New Ways to Paint Diya in Diwali

It is time again to celebrate Diwali and we will do easy, fun-to-do art activities with kids. We will paint Diyas. A diya is an oil lamp made out of clay and is used to decorate and light homes during Diwali. Paint diyas for greeting cards, wall hanging or along with other craft activities you do in Diwali.

We are using different media like color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic, and markers. Many markers have permanent ink. So it is best to use these markers under adult supervision.

Here are 9 different ideas to create Diyas on paper.paint-diwali-diyas_1

1. Diyas in a line

We start with our first one.

It is a common site to see little earthenware oil lamps kept in a series in front of houses. They sometimes lie on the window sill or  put in patterns on top of Rangoli.

Try to draw lights in series. It is our art lesson to draw still life. We will overlap the lamps to show one is behind the other when seen from our line of vision. When we think of still life, we think of pop artist Patrick Caufield who had a unique way to draw still objects. 

paint-diwali-diyas-2We paint the lights flat, mostly in an abstract way. To bring the light in focus, we painted the others parts of the painting in shades of gray.  

First, we outlined the painting with Acrylic black paint marker , then used Camel acrylic paints to fill the rest of the painting. We completed it outlining the Diyas again.

2. Diyas on Rangoli

diwali-rangoli-zentangleDiyas are nicely arranged on Rangoli during Diwali. So here we paint Deepak on Rangoli. There are many traditional ways to paint Rangoli and you would get great ideas on the internet. We are trying Rangoli using Zentangles. Zentangle is an easy-to-do, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing patterns. Think of patterns to fill an area with flowers, leaves and designs so that look good as a whole. The lamps have been colored in pastel to give a blurred look while the rest of the pattern is done with Technical Pen Black.


3. Oil Lamp in Zentangles

Think of making the lamp itself with zentangles.  Here my daughter was inspired to fill the lamp with patterns. She painstakingly covered the entire area of the lamp and the flame with patterns of her choice. Try one yourself. You can also fill some areas with watercolor to make it look bright. In case, you are applying watercolor, remember to use a permanent marker to draw the lamp.

When you fill with zentangles, cover some areas with black along with some with fine intricate designs.

diwali-deepak-pencil4. Diyas with Stencil

Since you want to paint Diyas in series, you can use a stencil to create them. Tear a paper in the form of a lamp. Place the paper slowly outlining it. Here we are using pencil colors. We tore a paper by hand in the shape of the lamp and flame and softly used the pencil color to create a merged effect. Doing with torn paper create a natural looking unique shape which cannot be done with pencil, it also helps to create lamps of the same size and shape. You can also think of decorating these lamps with markers.


5. Spraying colors on Diyas

Think of filling the stenciled area with different painting techniques. Here my daughter sprayed watercolor with a toothbrush. You can also use sponge and foam to fill the stenciled area. Mix multiple colors to get a merged effect.

She also wanted to create diya using acrylic and oil pastel.




6. Pop art

Use bright pop colors on a black background to give the sparkling look to your diyas in this festival of light. Create partitions on the earthen pot and apply different colors to make the lamp look bright.

You can additionally put patterns in these filled areas to get a different look. Applying tones of colors will give a depth in the painting.

7. Scraping with oil pastels

Below are lamps created in oil pastel using a technique called scraping.

Paint the entire area in random order with Camel Oil PastelAfter the color dries, paint the entire area with a coat of a darker shade on top of it. Here I have used dark purple. You can try with black, brown, blue or dark green. Now scrape the diyas using the scraper which comes along with Camel oil pastel. Different colors will get exposed.




8. Abstract Diya

The last one we created here is an abstract one.  The flame has been painted with watercolor and keeping the sharp edges of the flame the rest of the area has been filled with warm and cool colors in random order. The warm colors of yellow, orange and red have been used near the flame and the rest has been covered with shades of blue to give a cool effect. Know more about warm and cool colors from Paul Klee’s paintings. Layers of paints were applied to give a merged effect.

9. Drawing flames of Diya

There are various ways to create flame and  diya.  Here are some ways to create the flame. Some represent the actual shape of a flame while others are abstract. Combine diyas and flames and love creating your diyas


Send us your feedback in the comments below. If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to send it to us.


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