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Abstract Landscape Painting in Acrylic

Abstract painting as we all know is not to paint exactly the way we see our subject. It is our interpretation or the artist’s interpretation of the object in his own creative way. Any subject can be painted in an abstract way. Here we meet two contemporary artists, Mandy Budan and Irma Ceresewho creates abstract landscape painting in their own style.

Learning objective

Use your imagination to capture the essence of a landscape in two different styles.

Children above 10 years should try this style of painting.

Painting trees like Mandy Budan

Colored interlocking horizontal and vertical lines define Mandy Budan landscape. The lines are hard edged and the colors are flat. But the combination of colors gives a beautiful feeling of depth of a landscape.

Mandy Budan was greatly influenced by Emily Carr’s paintings. It also reminds me of Ted Harrison work. The art of Mandy Budan is detailed and is steady with straight and curved lines defining her subjects.

Art project:

Take any painting as the reference. You can do an underpainting first or start directly detailing on a white canvas. Take paints one at a time and draw lines to represent the sky, trees, and water. The lines have to be bold and should have sharp edges. Remember the depth is created using shades and tints of the color. Use dark colors first as you would do for acrylic paints.Draw curved lines if you are drawing leaves and clouds.  It is important to let the paints dry before you apply the next layer of paint or applying paint just next to the freshly applied paint so that paints do not merge.

Abstract landscape painting for kidsPainting landscape like Irma Cerese

In contrast to Mandy Budan, Irma Cerese paintings have an effect of a merged and blurred landscape. Irma Cerese had her formal training in art at the Academy of Art and the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.  Irma Cerese loves colors and beautifully incorporates them in her trees, sky, water, and houses. The visual experience is unique if you see her paintings. This is created mainly with knives and spatulas and not so much with brushes.

Paint here in layers. It is important that you create a texture with your paints or gesso so that there is an uneven merging of colors.

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