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8 Essential Art Supplies Kids Need for Acrylic Painting

Here is a guide to help you buy acrylic art supplies for children. Acrylic paints give a colorful and vibrant look to the painting and you can buy them in India online.

Every art medium needs its own set of paper and colors. Buy right material even if you are buying for kids.

Here are some basic supplies that a child would need to start acrylic paintings.

1. Paper or Canvas

Paper is a good surface to paint acrylic. Use 300 GSM watercolor paper for acrylics. Buy sheets of different sizes according to the subject to paint from Brustro.

Buy Brustro Watercolour Papers 300 GSM 12″ X 16″ or Brustro Watercolour Papers 300 GSM 9″ X 12″ . These are two sizes of paper that are good for children.  Find a detailed guide to buy watercolor paper in India.


There are drawing pads and books available in the market. Buy them, but remember to take out the sheet from the book before painting. This will avoid other paper in the book getting spoilt.

Canvas is more popular for acrylic painting and also fun to work. I personally prefer children to start on a canvas before paper. Layers and layers of paints can be applied and children can really experiment on canvas. Since children are learning to paint, it is economical to buy canvas rolls and cut sheets of appropriate sizes to paint. Pidilite Fine Art Canvas Roll 28″ x 5mtr is a good option. Here is a complete guide for buying canvas for kids.

 Buy canvas boards when you want your child to paint a picture which you want to frame and display. I occasionally buy it for my daughter when she has a nice idea.

Brustro Canvas Board Medium Grain 12″X16″ is a good choice.

For a child, get a canvas sheet of 68-10 oz. by weight.

2. Acrylic paints


There is a huge range of colors that you get in Acrylic Paints. For a child who has started painting, buy the boxed set from Camel Acrylic Color Box – 20ml tubes where you get 12 shades of colors.

It is a good point to start but they do not last long when they paint on canvas. Buy slightly larger tubes of 40 ml Acrylic paints in case your child has been interested in painting. For larger tubes, help the child take out the right amount of paint.  Here is the Camel Artist Acrylic Color Box – 40ml – 12 shades you can buy online in Amazon.

If you are buying individually, buy the primary colors first, red, blue and yellow i.e, Phthalo blue, Cadmium Red and Lemon yellow are the primary colors

Buy Camlin Artist Acrylic Titanium White 423. You need a lot of white for acrylic painting, so you can go ahead and buy 120 ml of the paint. Buy Black 40 ml.  

3. Paint brushes

Buy acrylic brushes and take proper care so that they last long.It is recommended that you buy your first set of paint brushes in the local art supplies store. You need to feel your brushes to buy. Once you are confident of a brand and a size, you can buy your later supplies online.

Fine art brushes are good to buy and you would find it in your local stores. If you looking online check in Himalaya Fine art online store. 

Buy 3 brushes to start with. Buy flat square shaped brushes for your acrylic paintings. Look for Taklon brushes. The bristles should not too tough or too soft as you have for watercolor brushes.

You would need one brush, between the size 8-10, one between 4-6 and one 2. Buy one round tip brush of size 1-2.

If you buying in sets online, Daler-Rowney Taklon synthetic brushes are good to buy.

Again, do not buy brushes in sets.  As I said, 3-4 brushes are good to start. Fan hard bristles brushes for merging.

Take good care of your brushes and they would last really long.

4. Palette

watercolor-suppliesKids need color mixing palette. Allow them to mix and merge colors to get the right shades.

Do not get palettes that are too deep. Neither have the color wells too flat. Also do not get the compartments or color wells too small. Have at least 12-14 compartments.The area of each compartment should be big enough to mix and merge.

Brustro Rectangle 20 Well Plastic Palette is a good palette to buy for children.

Always clean your palettes after use. Best is to peel the acrylic paints off the palette after they are dry.

Your watercolor palette might not fit the needs of acrylic paints.

5. Piece of cloth or rag

ragA piece of cloth is the most important thing for painting. You not only need the cloth to pat your brush dry while painting but you also need it to help you merge colors better.

Take the right size of cloth. It should be slightly bigger than the size of a handkerchief. You can also use kitchen towels.

Do not take synthetic material.

Kitchen tissue paper and kitchen towels are also an option.

6. Water container

You need a water container to paint with acrylic. It should be at least a cup of water which needs to be changed frequently.

A product worth mentioning is the Brustro Artists’ Brush Wash Tub. It is a water container with graduated ribs at the bottom to make it easy to clean brushes. Acrylic brushes have to be cleaned thoroughly, otherwise,  the paint dries at the bottom of the bristles and spoils the brush on long use.


7. Apron

It is best to buy an apron for the kid. Kids can easily soil the clothes and it is not easy to take off acrylic colors.  You get nice printed children aprons on Amazon.

Do not let the children sit for acrylic painting with their best clothes on.

8. Gloss medium

Instead of mixing acrylic paints with water, you can mix it with gloss medium. This will give better finish for the picture.

There are other tools that help you with acrylic painting. As we progress, we would go through other art supplies kids need for acrylic painting.

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