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Art for Kids for World Environmental Day

We had the World Environmental day this week and this is what we painted to celebrate the day. World Environment Day was first celebrated in 1972 and it is a day when people come together to ensure a cleaner and greener earth for themselves and future generations.

So on this day, we wanted to use the recyclable material for our art. There are many mixed media artists who use these materials on canvas.

We will use newspaper for our art. There are various forms of newspaper art. The newspaper can be used to create a collage of the subject on a black background. Alternatively, the newspaper can form the background of our painting.

As usual, we looked for inspirations from artists who paint in this style. We loved the paintings of Michelle Defillipo. It is simple yet an attractive style.

Michelle Defillipo

Michelle Defillipo is a full-time artist who studied and received her degree in art from East Carolina University. She uses words, paints, and paper to design and create her paintings. These paintings are then used as products which include greeting cards, bookmarks, and plaques. Simple flowers, birds, houses and hearts along with inspiring words make a great impact on the audience.

Newspaper Art Project for kids

For this project, you will need

  • Watercolor paper
  • Acrylic paints
  • Newspaper
  • Mod Podge

Stick square pieces of newspaper on the watercolor paper and let it dry. Then use your own choice of colors to make the background. Use lighter shades as her paintings have soft pastel shades. Use black to highlight some of the squares of the paper.

Add a quote to support your painting. Since it was world environmental day we chose to add words relating to nature. Add depth to your painting by adding some shading.


Here is a painting that was done by my 10-year-old.




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