Art Lessons for Kids Age 7 to 9 Years Based on Artists

If you are looking for artists for kids for the age group 7 to 9 years, you should visit and try these artists. These art lessons for kids introduce them to the artists, their art styles, and different art media.

andrea-doss bhil-artChildren between age 7 to 9 years are matured painters and can paint on topics that are starting to get a little complex in nature, like still like and perspective.  They are enthusiastic to use acrylics and watercolors and would love to use mixed media to get a unique finish to their art. This is the time to master the art of painting flat, solid and smooth. The kids will also understand tints and shades and independently mix colors to get their own shades. They can use canvas to paint as well.

The Artists

norval-morrisseauEnjoy painting birds, animals, village scenes, and human while you paint folk and tribal art. You will find artists who paint bright and vibrant aboriginal art from Canada, Mexico, India, Portugal and many other places. Visit aboriginal artists like Norval Morrisseau or Betty Mbitjana.

Children can use their wild imagination to create an abstract painting. Delaunay shows how to make an abstract composition using concentric and overlapping circles. Jean Dubuffet creates beautiful images with scribbles.

patrick-caulfieldGet a little more serious to paint still life in the style of Patrick Caufield. See an object from different angles and master creating objects in right proportions and perspective.

You will get introduced to landscape painting by Ted Harrison or contemporary painter Gillian Mowbray. Paint the sea with Matthew Snowden. 

Storybook art is another fun way to create art and Andrea Doss’s paintings will give you ideas to paint cute animals in action.  Whimsical artists like Cori Dantini give another angle to the paintings.  All children will love to draw imaginary animals and creatures in the style of Carla Sonheim and Julie Miville.kenny-scharf

Pop artists like Kenny Scharf, Tom Fedro, Romero Britto, Borris Morton, Wayne Thiebaud will help you paint everyday objects in bright and vibrant colors.

Children love to paint farm animals like cow, sheep, pigs, and chicken. Artists like Hans Innemee, Annie Lane show different techniques to paint animals. Paint Peter Diem’s dutch cows.

This is also the right age for children to get introduced to watercolor. Watercolor is a transparent medium and can be used to bring many effects. See Paul Klee’s paul-kleepaintings to learn new ways to use watercolor. Paul Klee uses his color theory to explain warm and cool colors. Sumi-e style painting by Shozo Ozaki will teach painting in watercolor with minimum strokes.

Kids will learn layering technique and start shading to give a three-dimensional effect to their paintings. Applying texture and patterns the painting look decorative.

Try artists for children age 4-6 years and artists for 10-12 years too. 



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