Art Projects for Kids Age 4 to 6 Years Inspired by Artists

Here are some art projects for kids age 4 to 6 years. These art projects are here to help children to start different art styles and get inspirations from artists all around the world.

Toddlers and kindergartners are never shy to express themselves. So introduce them to bright colours and tools to paint. They are actually enthusiastic to try new things and are capable of handling any type of mediums like crayons, acrylic paints and watercolour. 

The toddlers should also visit and appreciate the paintings of artists, learn new techniques and themes to paint. This not only exposes them to different art forms but also ensures that the kids are trying out something new. So you wouldn’t find girls drawing fairies and butterfly or boys painting cars and the Superman every time they are asked to paint.

stik-art paul-klee joan-miro takashi-murakami





Painting figures and animals

The artists chosen here will introduce the kids to basic lines and shapes, human faces and figures, animals and flowers. Stik and Keith Haring give the concept of human figures to kids. The art project of Thierry Noir faces is fun to draw.

Sheep is one of the easiest animals to draw and artists who love painting sheep like Thomas Joseph and Debi Hubbs can be an inspiration to paint a simple landscape with sheep.

There are many artists who were the part of the Art Brut movement. Gaston Chaissac and Jean-Joseph Sanfourche are some such artists. Contemporary artists like Lucila Manchado will be also fun to draw. There are also artists who painted like a child. Artists of art movement like the CoBrA art movement will help children to retain their spontaneity.

Painting abstract

Find artists who paint abstract like Joan Miro and Paul Klee. Children will also learn to paint flat and smooth. They will be introduced to different techniques in watercolour and acrylic. The art of painting flowers and think of symmetry will be introduced by artists like Takashi Murakami. Children of this age will love the art style of Romero Britto.

Abstract paintings of DelaunayJean Dubuffet, and Piet Mondrian should be tried with kids. Try Op art with children of this age.

For painting cities, see James Rizzi paintings.

Using tools to paint

Use scissors to paint like Henri Matisse and use painted paper to create your art like Eric Carle. Use newspaper like the contemporary artist Michelle Defillipo or everyday objects as part of your art like Christoph Niemann.

Buy good quality paints and brushes for the kids. Have a stock of canvas and paper readily available for them. Allocate an area so that the children can paint every day.

Preserve children’s art. Children have great ideas and we as parents and teachers can get inspirations from them too.

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