Art Styles And Art Movements for Kids

Here we talk about different art styles and art movements. How is art style different from art movement? 

Well, the art style is the style, medium or subject that a particular artist chooses to represent his art or the elements of art. This is what makes it easy to identify the painting with the artist. When this style or idea spreads and more than one artists embraces this method of painting during a period, it is called the art movement. 

We will define different art movements and even terms that you commonly use when you are learning art. You will find these artists in this blog and you will find easy art projects in this blog. The sequence in which the art movements that are mentioned here not in particular order.  

The sequence in which the art movements that are mentioned here not in particular order.  

Pop art

keithharingromero-brittoThe art movement was started in England in 1950 and later moved to New York City where artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns popularized pop art.

Pop art or popular art is the art for common people. Everyday objects are drawn by the artists and vibrant colors with bold outlines are used to paint them. Inspirations for this art movement came in the form advertisements, movie and rock stars and comic strips.

Children will love to paint pop art as they are paintings of familiar objects and the colors are flat and vibrant.

Visit Romero Britto, Burton Morris, Takashi Murakami, Kenny Scharf, Wayne Thiebaud, Tom Fedro, Jim Dine and Patrick Caufield.

Graffiti Art

stik-artthierry-noirGraffiti is the art of the streets, movies, and magazines. These are painted bold and colorful so that they can easily draw people’s attraction.

Many artists used street art to convey important social messages too.

Stik, Keith Haring, Thierry Noir are some of the artists mentioned here.


Cubism is a style of visual art that show objects from many angles at the same time. The artist tries to show three dimensions on a flat canvas. Pablo Picasso and Georges Barque started this style of painting. It started in the early 1900s. Geometric shapes as cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones are used to show the many sides of the original object.

Abstract art

paul-kleejoan-miroAbstract art in the purest form has no subject. It is just shapes and colors made to make the painting look beautiful. Although it has no subject, it still tries to convey some type of emotion with the shapes and shades of colors. There are many artists who paint in an abstract style. Paul Klee, Delaunay, Joan Miro are some such artists.

Other abstract artists of modern times include Vera Neumann, Gillian Mowbray, Angela Moulton, Kelly Tracht.


Expressionism is a form of art where the artist expresses his thoughts and feelings through his art.  It is the choice of color and its application which expresses the feelings. Visit Gabriele Munter to try expressionism art.

When the expressionism art captures feelings but the art does not represent anything it is known as abstract expressionism. Jackson Pollock is an artist who painted abstract expressionism and he is known for his drip painting.

Storybook art or whimsical art style

andrea-doss cori-dantini prashant-miranda

Storybook art is the art of the illustrators. These artists are the ones who illustrate children’s book and create fascinating art for young kids. Storybook art depicts the story in its own way. 

The style is sometimes whimsical as the illustrations include fairies and mermaids, monsters and angels and the paintings are bright, colorful and fun.

Andrea Doss, Cori Dantini, Prashant Miranda are some storybook artists or illustrators.

delaunayOrphism Art movement

The Orphism art movement was started by the Delaunays. Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay called this form of art as abstract art which had an influence of cubism but light and color are given a priority.


Folk and Tribal Art

bhil-artFolk art is the art of common people. This art is seen in rural, areas painted on walls and floors of houses. The pigments are made from natural dyes and the artists painstakingly decorate them with patterns to make them look colourful.

Tribal art, also known as Aboriginal art in some parts of the world, is the art of the tribes and these are patterns seen as body art and other rituals.


De Stilj Movement

This art movement was started by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. The focus of this movement was to simplify art to the extent that it has only basic lines. Piet Mondrian only used primary colours.

Art Brut Movement

Art Brut is a French term which means raw art. It is the art movement which was started by the French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe the art of people who had no formal art training. It was classified as the artwork of the non-professionals, children and differently-abled. So the subject matter and forms of this art were childlike. Gaston Chassaic, Jean Joseph Sanfourche are some such artists.


Pointillism is a painting that is created by points or dots. These dots are made so close to each other that they together give an impression of an image. So pointillism became an art movement where the artists painted with dots of different colors. Georges Seurat is known to be the father of Pointillism.


Impressionism is a style of art where the artist captures his impression of nature or scene at a given point of time. Artists of the impressionist movement in 1870s usually painted outdoors and landscape in this style. The paintings are bright and the technique uses small brushstrokes. So the painting is not smooth and blended and does not give a finished look like a photograph. Claude Monet is one such artist who painted in this style.

Op Art

Op art for kidsOp Art or Optical art is an abstract form of art created mostly using geometrical shapes. The lines, shapes, and patterns are so drawn that it gives a feeling of depth and space within the painting. There is a strange sense of illusion like the effect of movement, flashing, vibration or warping.

The Op Art movement started just after the Pop Art movement, around 1965.  Visit two famous artists who were known to be the pioneers of Op Art,  Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley.


Fauvism Post-Impressionist style

This is a movement that started in France in late 1800s and artists painted this style till early 1900s. The colors are bright and vibrant and they moved away from the realistic use of colors as were earlier used by the Impressionist artists. There are loose and distinct brushstrokes in the painting, also called the painterly style of painting. The artists avoided clarity of form. Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne are artists of this movement.


Minimalism Art was an art movement which focused on art that is simple yet beautiful. The aim of this art movement was to create pieces of art which minimised distractions and focus on only that is valuable. This art style started in the 1950s in the USA and reached its peak in 1960s when many artists adopted this style of painting.

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