Autumn Painting Ideas

If you are looking for painting ideas for autumn, paint the nature. The trees have a completely different look this season with its vibrant fiery colours. This change in colours of the leaves of the trees happens usually in the end of October or early November. In USA, this season is also called the fall because of the falling of the leaves of deciduous trees.

So, what are the colours that you see in Autumn? You see beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red, brown, purple, black, pink and magenta. The colours are mostly warm and they together make the landscape attractive.

Take a palette of only these shades and start painting the autumn.

Have fun painting the winter or painting the spring.


Here we will learn an acrylic technique of using plastic wrap. The plastic wrap effect gives those lines on paper that look like veins of the leaves.

So, first paint a light colour like yellow and let it dry. Once dried, apply a coat of orange and red on it. The paint should not be too thick. Since acrylic paints dry fast, You can add retarder to keep the paint wet for long. Now place the plastic wrap and wrinkle it as much as possible. Set it aside and let it dry. See the effect of the paper once you lift the plastic wrap.

Here is one of the video to see how to use plastic wrap on acrylic paint.

Use other layers of paint to add more colours of Autumn. Each layer should be done once the layer below has dried.

Bring the leaves in focus by doing some negative painting. Darken all around the leaves to highlight the leaves. Continue painting till you are satisfied with the effect. Then start painting the subject in focus. Here it is the squirrel. Put a layer of white paint to start painting the details of the animal.

Autumn painting ideas for kids


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