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Buy Art Supplies Online for Children in India

I am sure many parents are confused when they have to buy art supplies for children. There are so many types of paints available in the market and each of them works best for a particular art project. Children should be exposed to different coloring media. 

Sometimes working with Artist’s quality colors are better than student’s quality paint specially for kids above 7 years. But we need to be aware that the paints should be safe to be used for children.

There is no hard and fast rule as to what painting medium should be introduced to children first and when. Children can start with wax crayons and markers, then move to pencil colors and oil pastels. Acrylics come next and then move into mature techniques in watercolor. Oil Painting can be used at a later stage.

Here is a guide to help you buy art supplies for children in India. These articles have affiliated links to Amazon India.

Acrylic paints

If you want me to choose an art medium for kids, acrylic paints will be my first choice.

Acrylic paints are bright and since it is opaque, it is easier to control to get better results. These paints can be used with water and it gives a glossy finish to the painting. This is a medium where children need to use brushes and here is a guide to select paint brushes for kids. Children will also love applying acrylic paints with tools like knives and sponges. They are inexpensive and are readily available in the market.  They give a different texture to the painting.

Acrylic paints can be applied on paper as well as canvas. Buy watercolor paper or canvas online.

Buy acrylic paints, acrylic brushes and other acrylic supplies in India
Buy art supplies for acrylic painting
Buy acrylic brushes and take proper care so that they last long.
Buy brushes for acrylic painting
Acrylic knives, sponges and foams, rollers give a variety of texture to acrylic paintings which children will enjoy to use
Buy acrylic tools for kids
Buy watercolor paper online in India
Buy acrylic paper
Buy canvas rolls online in India for kids. You can buy canvas pads, panels and canvas boards too.
Buy canvas rolls and frames
Use of acrylic paint markers
Buy paint markers

WatercolorThe next medium that all children should try is watercolor. It is versatile as one can get different effects on paper using this medium. Watercolor tubes are mostly widely used but there are many forms of watercolor paints available in the market. Find the list of things that you need to paint with watercolor and other forms like watercolor cakes, watercolor pencils, brush pens and inks and liquid watercolor in which this pigment is available.

Use paint markers with both these media to get a finished look for the painting. These pigment liners are available in most colors and can be used to create bold outlines and also for patterning.

Buy watercolor paper online in India
Buy watercolor paper
Buy watercolor paints in India for children
Buy watercolor paints

Markers and Coloring Pens

Children love to use coloring pens and markers and these are available for all ages. There are pens which are washable and also pens which are permanent. Sketch pens can be broad-tip, fine-tip and ultra-fine-tip pens. Chisel shaped markers are also fun to use. Children also love to use gel pens as they work on top of all media.

Coloring pens and Markers for kids in India
Buy markers and coloring pens

Crayons and Oil Pastels

We cannot miss wax crayons and oil pastels for kids. Almost all children start painting using crayons. They can be used to create simple pictures as well as pretty matured ones too. Find an overview of the types of crayons and pastels available for children.

Guide to buy oil pastels and crayons for kids
Buy crayons and oil pastels



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