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7 Best Colouring Books for Children in India

Many parents love to buy colouring books for children. The colouring books keep children engaged.

But are colouring books good for them?

I do not encourage toddlers using these books. These books make children passive about art and they tend to restrict themselves when it comes to creativity. Give them plain paper and colours instead and let them enjoy expressing in their own way.

For older kids, especially kids above 9 years of age, colouring books does help them to relax. I found children experimenting with colours too.

There are many colouring books which combine doodling and other activities along with colouring and I would recommend buying these books instead.  You can carry them for long road trips and also to restaurants.

Here is the list of 7 best colouring books that you can buy online in India.

These drawing books for children will inspire children to make cute figures of most of the things they see.

Devdutt Pattanaik

There are currently two books in this series, Sita and Jaya. These books have a unique way of retelling the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The illustrations of different events are beautifully depicted in these books. I found my daughter learning many characters and incidents of these epics through these illustrations.

The paper quality of these books are quite good and watercolour can be a medium to paint them.  

Magic Painting books

I love these books only to see the rainbow of colours revealing themselves when you brush them over with water. Children of all ages would sure to love them.

Elizabeth James colouring books

Elizabeth James has over 60 colouring books for adults and kids. They are fun and relaxing. It ranges topics from cupcakes and treats for girls to robots and gadgets for boys. Th images are gorgeous and some images can look 3-dimensional by the way you colour.

Usborne drawing, doodling and colouring books

These simple Usborne books provide inspiration for finishing scenes, doodling and designing patterns, colouring pictures and lots more. It gives a scope for creativity and innovation. The pocket-sized books will keep children busy on a journey. Simple pictures invite the child to finish the scene, pattern or object to make each page a work of art.

The Maps Activity Book

The maps activity book by the Mizielinskis has fascinating facts and puzzles from around the world. The book is not only bursting with activities, but it is informative and inspiring and offers hours of entertainment.

Klutz Watercolour Crush

Klutz Watercolor Crush is a book which needs to be coloured in watercolour. The book comes with watercolour cakes and a paint brush.

The World of Moose: Fill-me-in

You will enjoy the ideas and intricate illustrations of this book. The activities like to write a comic and complete your own city will spark your imagination. The book invites all to fill it in with thoughts colours and drawings.

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