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Painting Birds in Style of Angela Moulton

turkey-thanksgivingDo you know why I selected Angela Moulton as my artist this month? Well, November is the month of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving reminds me of turkey. So I was looking for artists who paint birds and I came across Angela Moulton. Angela’s art is inspired by nature and she loves drawing birds, flowers, figures, gardens and animals.

Study some of Angela Mouton’s pinned paintings.

How do we describe her paintings?

Angela has developed her own style. With few well-thought bold strokes, she captures her subject beautifully. She mixes and experiments with colors. The paintings are abstract, yet they look so real. The choice of colors gives a three-dimensional effect to her paintings. As she says, “I try to capture the soul of an object and give it a voice.”

Angela Moulton has been a professional artist for more than 10 years. She did a lot of creative activities when she was young with her mother and her siblings. But then she chose a career in banking and finance.  In 2004, she moved into the world of art completely. From then on, she has been painting almost everyday. Her works are mostly in oil paints but she also paints with acrylics, pastel, graphite and ink. Angela’s art is collected around the world, shown in galleries, and in select shows.

Watch Angela demonstrate her style on her website http://www.prattcreekart.com/

Painting birds

Now let’s try painting her style. We will be painting birds in Angela Moulton’s style. Children between age 10-12 can try her paintings.

We will need canvas sheets or Brustro Canvas Board  8″X10″  and acrylic paints. We have also used Painting Knives to apply the paint. The size can be small. 

She paints in oil paints but we will try using acrylic. Though the paintings itself will not take time, you have to think and plan a lot. Her paintings are spontaneous. It reminds me of Kelly Tracht’s style. You have to practice and try out to get the perfect combination that you would like to have.

sparrows-moulton-styleFirst, draw the birds at a certain angle. If you are drawing a real bird, see the colors the bird has. 

I chose to draw a sparrow as I see them a lot.

Draw the bird. Think about the colors the bird has and get the colors ready. Do not mix water with the paints. I have started with the darker shades first. I went on putting the strokes. Sometimes I let the base color dry before I put the next color. Then draw the eyes, the beak, and the claws. Decide on the color of the background now and paint them. Here is how my daughter drew birds in her style.


What can you learn from Angela Moulton’s painting?

  1. Try drawing birds from different angles. The proportion of the head to the body and tail plays a role. Practice drawing birds of different shapes and sizes.
  2. Colors play a very important role in her paintings. She mixes colors to create unique shades and then creates strokes of different paints next to each other.
  3. Try using palette knives for this project. This tool will give a distinct finish to your painting.


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