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Burton Morris Pop Art Project

This pop art project is in the style of pop artist Burton Morris. Burton Morris is a contemporary artist who was influenced by pop artists of the 60’s and 70’s. One can easily identify Burton Morris’s art is by the bright, radial, colourful lines going out all around the art to bring the subject to focus and life. His graphics is clearly influenced by advertisements and media.

Burton Morris is an American pop-art artist born in 1964 in Pittsburgh. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, he started his career as an art director in advertising. He established his own studio in 1990 and started creating his pop icons into big paintings.

His work is full of energy and is colourful. The steaming coffee cup, the popping toasts from a toaster,  a dancing popcorn box shows inanimate objects can be brought to life. He painted one subject at a time and created it in such a way that it was an “instant happening” for the user. His pictures talk and are in action.

Burton Morris also combines everyday objects into a composition. Observe his series of paintings on “Nightstand Portraits”. These paintings are set of personal items you would see on a side table of an individual. “The objects reflect who you are,” he says and he brings out the individuality of the composition.

Pop art project

Here again, we paint still life but this is interesting as we get to paint our favourite items.

Children above 8 years of age should try drawing still life in Burton Morris style. The line of vision is important. To make something pop out of the page the vanishing point is important.







You can also take the subject out of the frame of paper to give the feeling of some action taking place. Like you see the 5-star here.burtonmorris-art-lesson3

The colours also play an important role in pop art. Paint a lot with primary colours red, blue and yellow. They are bright and they immediately draw the attention of people. Black is also a strong colour. Burton Morris uses a lot of black in his paintings. Again his characteristic lines play an important role. They might represent something in action, it is also used create depths of the objects.

Draw Morris’s characteristic lines. They sometimes represent things in action, it is also used create depths of the objects and shadows.

What can you learn from paintings of Burton Morris?

  1. You will love the way everyday objects are represented. They seem to be in action. So try painting a ringing phone, a popping toaster, a dancing box.
  2. To show the objects in action, he takes his object out of the boundary of his paintings. You can see the hearts moving out of the cushion or the golf ball out of the painting.
  3. Use bold colours and outlines. Use those lines to create shadow and depth.
  4. See that your art is cheerful. The colours, the subjects you choose and the way you portray will all contribute to making your picture happy.

Here are pop artists who drew still life in pop art style  – Patrick Caufield and Romero Britto.

And finally A Very Happy New Year 2017 to all in the beautiful art style of Burton Morris.


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