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Buy Acrylic Paints for Kids

Buy acrylic paints for kids and they will love painting with them. The colors are bright and kids love mixing and merging colors to get different shades. Acrylic paints are also easy to store and maintain if you follow some simple steps.

The first box of acrylic paints that my daughter had was Camel Acrylic Color Box – 20ml tubes, 12 Shades. You can mix these 12 shades of color to get other tones.

But if your child has grown an interest in acrylic painting, you should go for paints in larger tubes.Camlin acrylic color box set is also available in 40 ml tubes. There is a retarder and a gel available with this pack.

Buy Camel Artists’ Acrylic colors 40 ml online individually too. Buy primary colors first, the red, blue and yellow. We started with Phthalo blue, Cadmium red and Lemon yellow. Then move slowly to buy others shades too.

Here are some shades that you can consider buying for your child. The colors listed here are from Camel.

  • Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber (367) in browns.
  • Medium Magenta (284) and Mauve (255) in purples and pinks.
  • Turquoise Green (427) , Viridian Hue (453) and Permanent Green Light (332) in Greens.
  • Phthalo blue (358) and Ultramarine blue (436)  in blues.
  • Permanent Yellow deep (337) and Scarlett Lake (394) in oranges.

You need a lot of white in acrylic painting and buy Camlin Artist Acrylic Colour Tubes 120ml Titanium White 423Black is one of the last colors we bought.

You can also buy the sets of 3 Camlin acrylic paints that you get on Amazon. Buy the primary colors set of red, blue and yellow as you can mix and get most of the colors you want.

Buy silver and gold as kids would love to use them. You can mix other acrylic paints with silver to get the metallic color in other shades.

You are sure about your shades you want, you can buy them online. Otherwise, buy them locally for the first time.  Golden, Liquitex and Winsor and Newton are the other brands that you can check online. 

Now that we have our paints, we have to maintain it too so that they last longer.

Use as much paint as you need. Do not waste by taking out too much. With experience, you would be able to estimate the right amount of paint you need to cover an area of your painting.

Here are some tips on how to store and take care of  your acrylic paints.

1. Cover your acrylic paints at all times

Squeeze out a little paint and immediately screw its cap. Do not press the tube too hard or else your paints will continue to flow out. Have enough paint taken out to complete an area that you want to paint. Acrylic paints dry very fast.



2. Squeeze your colors right

Usually, children take our paints by squeezing near the neck of the paint. Here is it difficult to control and usually more paints come off. Press it right at the bottom and slowly move up. 



3. Do not put your colored brushes inside the paint

It is best not to insert your brush inside the paint, even if your brush is clean. You might still need to insert your brush inside the paint when you want little paint. But then ensure that your brush is absolutely dry and clean.Store and take care of your acrylic paints


4. Cap the tubes properly

See that you cap your tube every time you use the paint. Also, ensure that after you finish painting and you are ready to keep your paints away, all the paints are nicely secured. Clean the rim of the tube with wet cloth before you cap to prevent drying and clotting of colors at the rim.


5. Do not interchange caps

Right caps should be for the right colors. You can easily make out the caps with the stains of colors on it. Interchanging the caps not only mixes colors, it might not also secure properly.

6. Keep your colors flat

It is best to keep your colors flat. I use a plastic basket to keep my paints. You can use a flat container too. Line them up according to their shades so that it is easy to find and pick your paint.

7. Do not stack them one over the other

The weight of the paints on the top can spoil the paints in the bottom and if your lid is not secured tightly, paints would start to flow out.

8. Keep it is a cool dry place

Store your paints in cool dry place.
Own your paints and take proper care of them. You can definitely use them for a longer period of time and make beautiful acrylic paintings.

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