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Buy Canvas for Painting Online in India

As you have understood by now that I love my students paint on canvas when it comes to acrylic. Here is how to buy canvas for painting online in India for kids. 

There are many reasons why I prefer canvas over the paper when I teach acrylic painting to my kids.

Acrylic painting is thick paint and works well on canvas. Children usually paint with a lot of paints and water. And they should have the freedom to choose how to paint, the amount of paint they want to apply so that they experiment and try new ways to work with paints. Canvas is good in this case they can easily take many layers of paints without warping.

The texture of the canvas is such that it gives a unique finish.

Canvas for painting is expensive and sometimes this might be one of the reasons why we do not buy canvas for children. But there are some economical versions of canvas too if you are a student and want to practice painting on this type of a surface.

But first, how do you choose your canvas?

Canvas is made from linen or cotton that are woven together. A fine weave is meant to create detailed work. For children, we do not need a finely woven canvas. A medium or rough texture serves better for students as they apply bold brush strokes.

Always choose canvas which is pre-primed. To prime means to apply a layer of thick white paint or gesso that acts as a base for the painting. This prevents for the paints to be absorbed by the fabric too much and the colors, especially acrylic paints stand out bright against the canvas.

Here are the types of canvas you can buy online.

Canvas Rolls for Painting

When I teach kids, I choose to use canvas rolls. I cut them in different sizes depending on the type of the project I decide for them. Canvas sheets look like paper and do not intimidate the students too much as a stretched canvas on an easel sometimes seems to do.

Canvas rolls are also economical compared to a stretched mounted canvas. I have regularly used Artifact Canvas rolls for my students and they seem to give great results. They usually come in 5 meters rolls and I keep it ready as canvas sheets. Brustro is also economical and they come in 10 mts roll. To display these painting, I pin them to a corkboard and you can easily stretch and frame them too.

Canvas Pads for Painting

Canvas pads is another option to canvas rolls and here the advantage is that you do not have the hassle of cutting the canvas into size. These can be also be easily stretched and mounted like ordinary canvas. Some of these canvas pads even have canvas paper which are actually paper having a texture of canvas. They prove economical when compared to canvas boards or canvas frames.

Canvas Boards

I do use Canvas boards for children. Here you have a feeling of working on a stretched canvas and children find it easier to work. It is easy to display a canvas board as it can be mounted on canvas stands or can be kept on a table resting against a background. There are local shops too that you would find easily who would frame your child’s paintings.

Canvas Frames

Canvas Frames is the fourth option where the canvas is stretched on a frame. The advantage of canvas frames is it is easy to display. 

You can try canvas frames of different shapes for kids. Here are shapes available online in India.

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