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Buy Notebooks Online in India

The feel of paper and the joy of using a paper will never be lost. Even today when I see a notebook or some nice paper, I want to buy them. Thankfully my daughter loves them too.  Here you would find suggestions to buy notebooks online.

We need to find ways to encourage children to express themselves and handing them a paper and a pencil is one of the best ways to make them note down their thoughts.

I often search on Amazon for products and here are some of them I really loved.

A paper quality of 100 to 120 gsm is good to sketch and quickly jot down creative aspirations. Buying different kinds of paper sizes and colour also motivates children to try out new things.

Buy spiral notebook

A spiral bound book is always easy to use. An A5 size notebook will prove quite handy even when children are on the move. There are also sketch journals with dotted grids, especially for kids.

Buy rolls of paper

I always keep a roll of paper of art paper in my house. We cut it into any size of paper for drawing or painting.  They are also ideal for any sort of craft work. One of the best ways I like to use this roll is for group art where a group of students work on the same piece of art.

Buy sheets of paper

Buy sheets of normal printing paper. They are inexpensive compared to bound ones. Since they are loose, we can make small booklets to write and illustrate a story of your own.  You will get it in A4 or A5 size. 

The paper quality might not be good too for applying water paints but it is good for markers, pencils or crayons.

Buy coloured sheets of paper

A multicolour drawing pad or sheets of paper also inspire children to be creative. We have different size of paper available in the market and they are suitable for most of the drawing media.

Pocket notebook or notepad

A size of notebook that is always useful is the pocket notebook. They feel so nice and they are so easy to carry. Usuaaly the paper quality of a small size pocket notebook may not be too good.

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