Christmas Card Ideas – Paint a Christmas Tree

Kids!!! Here is the art challenge for Christmas. Make homemade Christmas cards for your friends and relatives. And use new ideas to paint your Christmas card.

And here you will find 7 ways to paint a Christmas tree. I have chosen to paint a tree, you are free to choose bells, Santa, reindeer, snowman to paint. 

Paul Klee experimented with colors and used different coloring techniques. Here we get a chance to try out the techniques.


Why do we choose Paul Klee?

Paul Klee is an abstract artist and his paintings are influenced by geometrical patterns. He used squares, triangles, rectangles, circles and other signs and symbols to create his art. When you draw a Christmas tree,  you will see that a Christmas tree is nothing but a set of triangles overlapping each other.

Paul Klee tried applying colors in various ways and used the versatility of the pigments to bring out the subtle themes of his painting. There are so many ways he used his colors.

Paul Klee sometimes tried to make his art look like it was done by a child. He loved using lines without any rules. In his words, “A line is a dot that went for a walk.”

Painting Christmas tree

christmas-tree-4Our first Christmas tree is created using one color. Watercolor is transparent and we have applied layers of the same color. Each time that we applied a layer, we left out a triangle to create the Christmas tree. This is also known as negative painting as we are applying color in the entire area of the drawing paper other than the main subject. Paul Klee used it in many of his paintings.

christmas-tree-5The colors used here gives it a decorative look to our Christmas tree. The tree is abstract and we let our lines flow to create the shape of a Christmas tree. The colors are randomly used without any boundary. Use Faber Castell sketch Pens for filling the areas.

The third tree also uses transparent watercolors. The idea is to cover the entire area with stripes. christmas-tree3To match the color of the foliage, apply shades of blue, green and yellow. Then keeping in mind the shape of the Christmas tree, paint the same shades again in a layer to highlight the tree from the background.

christmas-tree-6Our next Christmas tree is influenced by Paul Klee “Cote de provence”. The shape of the Christmas tree is created by overlapping different geometrical shapes. Use a pattern to bring the shapes in the foreground.

Here are more ways to paint the tree. If you visit Paul Klee’s paintings, you will find  new ways to use your imagination. 

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