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Cityscapes Based on the Artwork of James Rizzi

Did you see those paintings of cityscape by James Rizzi. I am sure children of all ages will love to paint one themselves. Today we visit his art.

cityscape-style-james-rizziJames Rizzi is a pop artist who was born and raised in New York. He loved New York and his paintings drew inspiration from this city. He drew almost everything in complete harmony with a childlike simplicity. Skyscrapers, houses, streets, cabs, traffic and then people and more people. The pictures are colorful and we cannot help smiling when we see his paintings. He beautifully portrays the happy side of the city. He makes everything in the picture happy, even the buildings.

James Rizzi applied vibrant colors with bold black outlines. His artistic powers was beautifully transmitted to paint a city in childlike imagination.  His artwork is busy. He creates layers of people, traffic, buildings. Even the skies are busy with sun, moon, birds, hot air balloon, ufo.

Lets paint in Rizzi style

Art supplies needed.

We will use A4 acrylic paper and acrylic paints. Small children are free to use oil pastels, crayons, markers and pencils for this exercise.

Children of all ages should try James Rizzi paintings.

james-rizzi-kidsWe select to paint a cityscape. Cities are crowded and so our artwork should look busy. Think everything you see in a city and draw them one overlapping the other. Paint them with bright acrylic paints. Then paint window, doors and other signs on the buildings.

skyscrapers-kids-james-rizziOutline all of them. Paint human faces on the building so that everything in the painting looks happy and you feel like they are ready to start a conversation. 

What will learn from James Rizzi paintings?

  1. Draw the city in layers. Have something in the foreground, the buildings in the middle layer and the sky in the background. 
  2. Learn to overlap to make your art look full and busy and teaming with energy.
  3. Use bright colors with no gradations. Outline everything.
  4. Drawing buildings and houses teach you perspective. Learn about one-point perspective.
  5. You can also shade one side of the building if you want to give a 3D effect to your buildings.

James Rizzi is an artist for kids. He made his paintings with childlike spontaneity which people of all ages can enjoy. Paint landscape with Gillian Mowbray and Ted Harrison and you will enjoy representing landscapes in different ways.


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