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Colorful Spring Art Ideas for Kids

There is so much to paint in spring. Isn’t nature so fresh and buzzing in spring? You see so many colors. Let’s paint spring and here are some artists to draw inspirations.

We will paint spring first in acrylic and then in watercolor.

Claude Monet

For our acrylic painting, we choose the famous artist, Claude Monet. Claude Monet created his art in oil paints but we will paint in acrylic.

I am sure everyone has seen Claude Monet’s paintings. Monet was born in 1840 in France and he is known to have started the impressionist movement.

So what is impressionism?

Impressionism was a style of art where the artist captures his impression of nature or scene at a given point of time. Artists usually painted outdoors and landscape in this style. The paintings are bright and the technique uses small brushstrokes. So the painting is not smooth and blended and does not give a finished look like a photograph.


  • Learn a new style of painting with small brushstrokes.
  • Paint the nature in spring with a lot of flowers.

Art lesson inspired by Claude Monet

Now ready with your acrylic supplies.

Kids above 7 years should try his paintings.There are many paintings in youtube done in the impressionist style. Here is a video on how to paint

There are many paintings in youtube done in the impressionist style. Here is a video on how to paint spring landscape in impressionist style.

All you need is to think on the subject of your painting and cover the entire painting with small brushstrokes. Do not take a very big canvas. Use a canvas size less than A4.

Remember Claude Monet did not master his style in one day. So do not get disappointed in your first painting in Monet style. Try few paintings till you are satisfied.

When I was young, I used to love his painting on Garden of Giverny. So here is my step-by-step progress to the final painting. 

Paint in impressionist style like Monet

I applied a blue underpainting and then painted in layers moving from dark to lighter shades. Layering will give the depth of the painting.

We move into watercolors now. I was looking for an artist who painted the season of spring or a landscape with flowers in watercolor and I found these beautiful paintings of the modern contemporary artist Alida Akers.

Alida Akers

Alida Akers is an artist from Kentucky, USA and is famous for her Storybook cottage series. These cottages are in the middle of beautiful undulating landscape and blooming flowers which creates a fantasy for all. Alida Akers is known to be a whimsical artist.

What do you notice in Alida Akers paintings? There is always something in focus in the foreground, mostly flowers and then there is something far away in the background like cottages, winding roads, trees. The foreground almost covers half of the painting area.


Paint watercolor landscape by drawing something in focus in the foreground and then something behind creating depth.

Art lesson inspired by Alida Akers

Children above the age of 10 should try her paintings.

You will need your watercolor, preferably A4 size watercolor paper.

Since we are drawing spring, we should try trees in blossom. You can try to draw the tree as if it was just above our head. This painting would need layers, highlighting areas on the way. Outline the painting with thin pigment liner while you are painting and again add depths by adding more paints in some area.

Here is a simple flowering tree and some flowers in the foreground. The background has some hills.

Paint winter in the style of Carole Spandau.



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