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Colourful Drawing Ideas

If you are looking for colourful drawing ideas for kids you must once visit Romero Britto. One of the first artists I visited when I started looking for artists for kids was Romero Britto and I completely loved his style of painting. Since then I have been looking for artists whose style is childlike, and his paintings are attractive and bold.

It was only recently I visited Marcos Andruchak.Here we meet Marcos Andruchak who style is unique and striking. 

Marcos Andruchak

He is also from Brazil like Romero Britto. Marcos is a painter and a University professor from Sao Paolo, Brazil. He is known for his huge murals and painting panels that are broken by sharp geometrical shapes brought more to focus by use of bright colours within the shapes.

His art style can be loosely called as neo cubism. Many call his art style as  Geometricism as you would see in Islamic art. It is highly influenced by geometric patterns.

Unlike Romero, Marcos usually picks up a theme and then paints elements all around the theme. No element is really in focus or in a defined orientation. They together speak a story.

You can easily recognise Marcos art by his figures and the one-eyed animals. He is also known for his abstract painting which is bounded by bold black lines. He creates his own perspectives and defines his own way to depict something. The colours are applied flat but sometimes you will find randomly applied brushstrokes which make the painting more attractive,

Art objective

Our objective here is to draw multiple elements on a particular theme and arrange them to create a painting.

So now choose a theme.

Here we have chosen to depict a children’s park. So we have a swing, a slide, some bushes, flowers, leaves and birds. We started drawing randomly all around the paper. Then lines were drawn to separate areas of paint to make it colourful.

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