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Delaunay Art Lesson for Kids

Today we visit two artists, Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay. Sonia Delaunay was the wife of Robert Delaunay. They together started an art movement called the Orphism Art movement. They were French  who had influenced art in the early 20th century in Europe.

 Here find some pinned works of Delaunay. It is always important to see some and appreciate great works of artists.

The art is mainly abstract. He used geometrical patterns, mainly circles fragmented by the use of lines. So there is an influence of cubism but they changed the style by using more vibrant colors. A subtle relation is also brought between music and art.

Children above the age of 5 can try Delaunay art.

Supplies needed

Since the colors used are bright, use acrylic paints.  Get ready with your acrylic paint supplies. You need A4 size acrylic paper.

Objects of different shapes for small children to trace.

Step by step

delaunay_circlesStep 1

Draw circles. If you closely look at their paintings, you would see circles that are concentric and circles which overlap. Drawing circles with free hands is difficult but it is important art lesson for kids. Smaller children can use different objects to draw their shapes.

Add other shapes like a square or a cylinder.

Step 2

Draw lines which divide or fragment the circles. These lines form the boundary for the colors.

Step 3

Use colors of your choice. You should not outline your picture.delaunay-art-lessons

How to draw circles

Drawing circles can be a challenge for everyone and there are number of ways people draw circles without a tool.

  1. Try to move your pencil around without resting your hand on paper. See the figure from a distance. Circle it around till you are satisfied with the shape. 
  2. It is easier to draw smaller circles than bigger ones. If you have drawn a smaller circle, try drawing concentric circles around it keeping it equidistant from the previous circle.
  3. If you are drawing two circles, one overlapping the other, draw, two entire circles and erase the one which lies below. Half circles are more difficult to draw.
  4. There is a lovely video in youtube for drawing circles in freehand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR3wbEudD1I

Remember drawing circles in freehand needs lots of practice and you should go on trying.

What can you learn from this art

  1. Drawing geometrical patterns is sometimes quite challenging. One of the important art projects for kids is to draw lines, circles, and squares without using tools.
  2. Arrange your circles around the paper sometimes overlapping. They together should form a pattern and complete the painting.

    drawn by 9 yr old
  3. Circles give a feeling of movement. See there is a rhythmic movement to your composition.
  4. Try matching primary and secondary colors like red with green and blue with orange.
  5. Learn to make abstract or nonobjective art.


Now create your own Delaunay art. Have a fine balance of colors, shapes, and lines.  

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