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Doodling for Kids

“I can’t tell you how important it is to draw. It gets the neurons to fire and expands the mind.” says Sunni Brown in her recent book, The Doodle Revolution. 

Doodling is a form of visual thinking where we are expressing our thoughts in the form of sketches or designs while not been fully conscious of it. It might be that we are talking on the phone or listening to music but letting the creative ideas flow while not been mindful of it. 

Doodling comes naturally to kids as they are fast and spontaneous in their expressions. We as parents should encourage our kids to doodle more often. It has lots of benefits.

Why is doodling important?

All children should doodle. It improves cognitive skills in children. Doodling helps enhance focus, engagement and thus memory. Creative thinking and visual reasoning also get a boost while creating doodles.

There are no rules for doodling.  The key is to just have your brain turning and letting those thoughts flow through your pens and pencils. Children can doodle on anything even on a topic they are studying or learning new.  

So while doodling, don’t worry about making and perfecting the art. It is only an uncontrolled outlet for your thoughts.

How can you encourage kids to doodle

  1. The best way definitely is leading by examples. Doodle yourself, doodle everyday. And children will follow you.
  2. Have a sketchbook and colored markers handy. Keep it on the table or places where they can be easily seen, accessed and used.
  3. Doodling should be done where you are not fully aware. So hand over the sketchbook while they are mindlessly watching TV, listening to music or talking on the phone.
  4. Take different topics and themes to doodle.
  5. Do not try to teach doodling. It is one’s individual way to process and express his thoughts.

There are a number of ways to doodle. One is to choose themes. Choose any theme under the sky and draw different things that you can associate with the topic. It might be sports, underwater, fire, fairytale, street lamps, etc.

Create doodles with two dissimilar things that you would not naturally think together. Like a cow and a bag, the hair and shoes or as Sunni Brown says in ‘Game Storming’ an elephant and an ice-cream. Then draw and associate these elements together.

Learn to create small cute figures from these drawing books.

Use textures and backgrounds to let your imagination go wild. Zentangles is another way to doodle. Word doodles are interesting too. Use objects, shapes, and forms to create the doodles.

Can you name some doodle artists who used doodles to create their signature shapes and forms?

Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky are the famous artists who art clearly depict the spontaneous flow of thoughts.  Great artists and writers like Leonardo Da Vinci and Mark Twain have also let their thoughts through doodles.

Good doodling books for kids

There are some doodling books and journals available online. These can also help children get interested and involved in doodling.

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