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How to Draw Cubism Art?

Cubism is a form of abstract art where the artist breaks his main subject into parts and arranges them again in his own way to create a composition. It is an attempt to create a 3-D effect of the subject on a flat canvas without using perspective and shading. The subject is usually still life and children should try this art style. 

This art movement was started by  Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque between the period 1907 and 1911. Many artists over the century have adopted and combined this style with other styles in their painting.

What makes cubism art?

The artist creates cubism by seeing the image of the object from different angles.  So, instead of staying at one side of something the artist will move the object about. Then there is an attempt to make the art simple by using only lines and geometrical equivalents of the shapes. These shapes can have value and texture.

The final image might make it quite difficult to recognise the original subject anymore.

How to draw cubism?

Though creating cubism might seem slightly intimidating, there are interesting ways to create it which children will enjoy. Here are some videos that I found while looking for cubism.

Carla Sonheim likes to rotate the paper while creating her cubism. How to paint a Picasso dog? She illustrates how each part of the dog can be drawn separately at different angles and then join these lines to create the final image.

Minions in cubism artThe artist has drawn a bottle in the cubist form. He draws parts of the bottle over and over again, sometimes overlapping. He then randomly connected using horizontal and vertical lines. Shading adds value to the art and makes some parts stand out which is important in cubism.

This is another great style to draw. Sketch two angles of a subject on a sheet of paper. Then draw some distorted grids on another sheet of tracing paper. Draw parts of both the images on one of the distorted grids. You can get cubism art.

Here I am trying to draw the minion. Since the minion already has geometrical forms, there is not much effort required to simplify the shape. Draw each part at different angles and you will love the effect.



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