Draw Diwali Crackers

What do children love during Diwali? I am sure it is the burning of firecrackers that give them immense joy. I remember buying these boxes of firecrackers 15 days earlier to Diwali, keeping them in the sun every day so that they burst with all their might. My friend’s mother used to make flower pots( anaar) and their porch had these beautiful mud pots kept for days in the sun to dry.

There are many types of crackers available. Some are meant to be for light and some meant for sound. Some intended to have both. I used to love chakra, rockets, ladis, snakes, phuljharis (sparklers), and colourful matchsticks.  Boys loved bombs and other crackers that made a lot of noise.

These crackers are not only colourful when they burst but these boxes and packs look attractive too. If you have already bought your crackers, let’s sketch these packs as our project for Diwali.

Art Project for Diwali

So arrange all the firecrackers on your drawing table and start sketching. Think in which angle you want to sketch the crackers. After you are satisfied with your sketching start painting them in the medium of your choice.

This time I tried using camlin brush pen. These paints are as bright as you would see in sketch pens and markers. Here you have the additional joy of using a paintbrush and trying more controlled strokes. These pens might not be ideal for shading as they dry very fast but nonetheless, you can create depths by using brush pens of different shades. 

Brush pens are meant for small sketches and illustrations. It would be also nice to use it for calligraphy as the strokes can be of different thickness.

If you want to buy camlin brush pens from amazon, here is the link.


So enjoy painting Diwali crackers and fireworks. Here are other Diwali drawing ideas.

Have a funfilled and safe Diwali!

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