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How to Draw Winter Animals

We had some real fun painting snow last winter. Why don’t we paint some animals that you see in winter or cold regions in India?

Today we will paint some animals that you see in Himalayan regions of India.

For painting these animals we take inspirations from indigenous art from another very cold region of the world, the Arctic.

The people of this region are known as Inuit and their art is known as Inuit Art.

Polar bears, reindeers, walrus, moose, owls are some of the animals that are depicted in Inuit art.

The most well-known form of Inuit art is Inuit sculptures where the people carve birds and animals on stone by hand using knives made of ivory and bone.

Inuit printmaking has now been a popular way to bring this form of art in the form of prints to the rest of the world.

Here the stone is carefully chipped into a piece of art by removing the unnecessary stone. Colored ink is rolled over this raised surface with a brayer. Then a paper is placed on top of it and rubbed to get a sharp printed impression of these carved pieces.

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Visit some artwork of some famous Inuit artists like Kenojuak Ashevak, Niviaksiak and Joseph pootoogook.

Art Lesson Objective

To paint some animals in Inuit style found in cold regions of Himalayas. You will also get familiarized with the wildlife found in India in these regions. Use minimum colors

Here we are not using ink or any printmaking technique. We are using watercolor and some pens.

So let’s first name some animals of the Himalayan region?

The Snow Leopard, Himalayan Thar, Musk Deer, Himalayan Yak, the red and the Giant Panda are to name a few.

Th Himalayan Yak

This huge hairy animal is a type of an Ox and it is domesticated by the locals of the region. They provide the people with meat, fibre and milk. You can also take a ride on these animals.

We choose Himalayan Yak to draw its hairy body in the style of Inuit art. We have used a 0.1 pigment liner for drawing this.

Musk deer

Now we choose the musk deer. This animal is an endangered species of the region for continuous poaching. The scent gland of the male musk deer is used for making perfumes and so are killed indiscriminately.

The animals are herbivorous eating leaves and grass in the forests of the Himalayas

Here we have only drawn the outline to show the shape of a musk deer. You can choose your way to represent the animal.

Looking for birds we have the Himalayan Monal Pheasant and the black-necked Tibetan Crane.

As the name suggests, these cranes are black-necked but the rest of the body of this bird is greyish white. They come during the winters in Indian and Bhutan and spend the summer in the Tibetan plateau.

Since it is black and white, we used a blue background.

Paint more of these winter Himalayan animals.


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