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Easter Art Activities for Kids

Art and craft activities for kids in Easter include painting eggs, making paper bunnies, decorating easter baskets and much more.

Here we create Easter eggs abstract art. Children of ages can try this art.

As always we draw inspiration from artists. This time we visit two abstract artists, Kirra Jamison and  Britt Bass Turner.

Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison is an artist from Melbourne Australia who studied art at the Queensland College of Art. Have you seen the loop series of Kirra Jamison?  When I see her paintings, I remember Paul Klee’s quote of “ A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”


Here the line travels to create forms and loops softly entangling themselves. The background and the choice of pastel shades for the line create a harmony and give a subtle look to the painting.

Art project

We will create abstract art with acrylic paints on canvas.


  • To create egg shaped links which seem to loop.
  • To choose colors which go with each other.


First, paint the background with a color of your choice.  Since we want to create Easter eggs, we will take white paint and a flat brush and create shapes in the form of eggs. The shapes can be in any direction and they must overlap. Then take a flat brush and paint with different colors on top of the white paint. Paint it in such a way that it feels like links, one time going above the other shape and one time below.


Let’s now visit Britt Bass Turner.

Britt Bass Turner

Britt Bass Turner is a contemporary artist who stays and works out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her work is abstract and she uses softer hues to create her stunning work of art. Britt loves white and she creates softer pastel tints to paint. Her colors on the canvas do not merge but still, gives a blended look.

Art Project

We will paint egg shaped abstract art in acrylic.


  • Try mixing colors to create the softer look.
  • Do not blend the colors on the canvas. The applied paints should have marked boundaries.


Take your brushes and apply paint on the canvas. Apply it in layers. First, make a faint outline with a dark pigment to understand the shape of the egg. Abstract art is spontaneous and painted the way the artist feels. So apply paints till you feel happy with your painting.

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