5 Easy Ways Children Can Paint Ganesha

Ganesha Paintings children can paint in acrylic
Ganesh Chaturthi is fast approaching and I am sure everyone wants to paint Ganesha. Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, has an elephant head and is pot-bellied which makes it adorable and childlike.He loves eating sweets and riding a rat. People worship Lord Ganesha so that their obstacles in their lives are removed.

There are many traditional ways to paint Ganesha and you would see beautiful paintings of Ganesha done by Indian artists. You should visit them and try to draw different forms and styles of Ganesha.

Here we would draw and paint some easy Ganesha so that children from Grade 1 to Grade 7 can try them. We will also draw them in different art styles so that we visit some art styles while we paint.

1. Paint Ganesha in Pop Art Style

Paint Ganesha on Canvas using Pop Art style
Ganesha in Pop Art Style

We are using acrylic paints for this painting. We are also painting Ganesha on canvas.

What makes an art look pop art? Well, it is its brilliant colors. So we have to make our Ganesha bright and vibrant. We draw our Ganesha. Ganesha needs to have a trunk like an elephant and a fat body like a  human. We can paint a sitting Ganesha, a standing one or even a sleeping Ganesha. Once you have sketched the Ganesha, we divide the painting into parts so that we can put bright acrylic colors on it. Here I am influenced by Romero Britto style. After painting the picture, we decorate it with patterns.




Abstract Ganesha painting using Piet Mondrian Style2. Abstract Ganesh painting in Piet Mondrian Style

We see a lot of abstract Ganesha paintings and here we are making abstract art. So it will not represent Ganesha accurately but some features like the shape, form, will generally give the impression of Ganesha.

There are a number of styles that you can try. As you can make out it is Piet Mondrian. The style that Piet Mondrian used is called the DeStijl style. It uses lines and geometrical shapes to create a painting. Piet Mondrian loved using the primary colors blue, red and yellow. So we have used the same.

3. Abstract Ganesha painting

Abstract Ganesha is the easiest to draw and there are some shapes and signs which will make it look like Ganesha. Make an outline in the shape of Ganesha. The trunk and ears need to look like that of an elephant. Fill with different colors. We merge colors. To do so we have wet the paper initially and before it dried, we applied our paints.

Create one in your style. Get inspired by other abstract painters like Joan Miro.


4. Ganesha using tribal patterns

Ganesha-painting-TribalArt-lilcreativekidsWe have seen many Ganesha done in folk art painting. Folk art is the style of art by common people and seen mainly in villages. Worli, Tanjore, Madhubani, and Patachitra are some art forms that you see in India and is interesting to paint. You should try to paint one Ganesha in this style.

Here I wanted to use patterns of tribal art. They are geometrical in shape and sometimes colored in blocks of colors. The patterns are detailed and intricate. So we create have delicate designs for our Ganesha. You can keep some white space between the Ganesha and the background, to separate one from the other. Zentangles is another way to fill Ganesha with designs.


5. Ganesha painting in Whimsical art style

Painting of Ganesha in whimsical styleGanesha is cute and we should paint one Ganesha in Whimsical style. What is whimsical art? Well, it is art that you see in illustrations of children’s books. They are childlike and make you happy when you see it.

As Lord Ganesha is cute with an elephant’s trunk and a round stomach we try making one. We have used soft colors to make it look like children book illustrations.

Paint Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi and hang it in your room. Check acrylic art supplies you can use to make your painting.

Wishing Everyone A Blessed Ganesha Chaturthi!


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