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Express Yourself in Expressionism Art

After having painted in the impressionist style, it’s time that we try Expressionism.

Impressionist artist looked at nature and captured it at an instance of time. In Expressionism, art was meant to be the expression of the inner feeling rather than just a composition of the external world.

The Expressionist movement lasted from 1905 to 1920. It started simultaneously in many parts of Germany where artists like Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee painted in this style. 

Here the artists used bold and contrasting colors and used exaggerated brush strokes to draw its subjects to show the mental state of the artists. They reacted to the anxieties of the modern world. They often used swirling and swaying of the subjects.

Today we visit Gabriele Münter’s paintings.

Gabriele Münter

Gabriele Münter (Berlin, 1877) was a member of the expressionist group of artists. She was a student of Wassily Kandinsky but she had a style of her own. She used strong contour lines around various shapes. As all expressionist artists of that time, she uses bright colors.

Art Project

Use colors to express your feeling.

You will need canvas or watercolor paper and acrylic paints. Children above the age of 10 should try her paintings. 

Colors play a role in expressing feelings. Blue gives a feeling of sadness while yellow and orange make the painting look happier.

The shapes also have an effect on the mood. A drooping subject makes it look sad and troubled.  A person with bigger hands and feet shows enthusiasm and action.

So here we took one of Gabriele Münter’s paintings and started painting together. We painted it fast to capture a moment of time. Bright acrylic paints were applied directly on the canvas. So there are not too many layers. 

Try one of Gabriele Münter landscape. They capture the surroundings beautifully and few bright colors define her paintings.

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