Halloween Art Lesson

So, what art lesson can children for Halloween? Halloween is all about spooky and scary stuff and Silhouette painting is one type of painting which brings out this scary look in paintings. So let’s do a Silhouette painting today.

What is Silhouette painting?

The silhouette is an image of a person, animal or a thing done in a solid shape of a single color against a light and bright background. Since the background is so bright that we only see an outline of the object in the foreground. You might have seen in photography too. When the bright sun is shining behind the person, we only see the shadow and not the details of the person.

halloween-silhouette-painting-kidsHalloween and children

Halloween is celebrated on last day of October mainly in north America. It is important especially for children as they dress up in funny, frightening masks and costumes and spend their evenings “trick or treating” in the neighborhoods. Now it is celebrated in many parts of the world, including India. People also decorate their houses with scary objects.

Art and craft activities during Halloween

Children love art and craft activities in Halloween. Paper jack-o-lanterns, black cats, bats, owl, witches, ghosts, spiders, ghosts, brooms, ghouls, spooky houses, pumpkins, crows, graves are something children love to create. 

So let’s start painting one now.

Supplies needed

We are using acrylic paper, acrylic paints, acrylic black paint, and markers to make our painting. Make these paintings big so that you can keep it in front of your house when other kids come for trick or treating.

Now Silhouette painting step-by-step

halloween-silhouette-lilcreativekidsFirst, we will paint the background. Put bright warm colors like yellow, orange, red, brown. This will give the effect of the evening sky when the sun is setting.

Use purple and blue shades if you want to paint for the night. Purple also gives a mystic look.

Shades of green and yellow also give an out-of-the-world look.

There are a number of techniques in acrylic to paint the background. Painting with Jane gives beautiful ways to paint the background for Halloween.

Here we have shown the evening sun slowly merging into darker brown shades. 

We have not mixed water in acrylic and directly tried to merge one into another. We also kept some places unmerged.

Let the colors dry completely. Then use a pencil to draw your picture. You can draw a scenery with houses and leafless trees, cats, bats, and owls giving a scary look. Use black acrylic to paint them solid black. See that the objects are separate and can be clearly understood. To paint eyes and smile of Jack-o-lantern, eyes of the cat or the owl, outline with black, so that color in the background is seen through it. It will give a more scary look.

You can use foam brushes to quickly and randomly color with different colors. Squeeze different paints on the foam itself and apply it on paper. It will give different merged areas.

halloween-friendlyghosts-lilcreativekidsHere we have used shades of blue and purple in the background to paint the friendly ghosts. we used the same technique. We first painted the background and let it dry. Then we used white as a transparent color. Use round sponge brushes  to slowly dab colors for the ghosts so the background is slightly visible.

You must try to paint this Halloween and decorate your house with some creepy pictures. You will have fun creating it while others will be scared seeing your painting.


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