How To Draw Durga Maa Step-by-Step

Children, you should draw Ma Durga for this Durga puja. Draw Durga Ma’s face as it is divine and beautiful. You can make this as a wall hanging and hang it in your room. You can also create Durga Puja greeting cards.

For us, it is an art lesson to draw something symmetrical. Children between the age of 5 years and12 years should paint Ma Durga.

Here is how to draw a face symmetrical along the line of symmetry.

Step-by-step approach


    1. First, draw the line of symmetry.
    2. Make the face by drawing lines equidistant from the line of symmetry.
    3. As the face is symmetrical throughout, draw one after the other, starting from eyes, nose, lips, hair and the crown.
    4. Durga maa has big eyes. So draw them big.
    5. Ma Durga has three eyes, one on the forehead. That is why she is also known as Triyambake or Trinayani Durga meaning the three-eyed Goddess.
    6. Once you are finished and satisfied with your drawing, start outlining it with a permanent marker.
    7. Color them with acrylic paints of your choice. I have then outlined with Acrylic Paint Marker( The ink flow of this Brustro acrylic paint marker is smooth as it is primed pumped but it should be kept away children as marked on the marker).

Different tones of the same color have been used here to color Goddess Durga.

Why and what do we celebrate during this festival?

During Durga Puja, Goddesses Durga or Shakti, the absolute and ultimate divine energy is worshiped all over India. Durga puja is celebrated from the sixth day till the 10th day in the eastern and central parts of India. It marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon, Mahishasura. Also known as Navaratri in the west, Goddess Durga is worshiped for 9 nights till the 9th day of the festival. Vijayadashami or Dasara or Dussehra or Ayudhapuja is the last day of Durga Puja or the 10th day. It marks the victory of Rama over the demon king Ravana. In 2016, Durga puja starts from the 7th of October and Dussehra is on 11th October.

So goddess Durga is believed to protect her devotees from the evils of the world.

We continue painting different styles of Durga.

Ma Durga face in watercolor
Ma Durga in watercolor and tribal design mukut or crown

Ma Durga in watercolor

Try painting Durga maa in watercolor blending multiple colors. We are showing somewhat angry eyes. The eyes of Goddess Durga is usually shown look down as she is killing the demon Mahishahur who is near her feet. 

After drawing, I have outlined it with fine tip pen as I would color with watercolor. Here I have used Brustro Pen Black (Set Of 6).

The mukut or the crown has geometrical patterns.

There are multiple colors in the face which has been softly blended into one another.

Goddess Durga face acrylic paints
Ma Durga in acrylic

Goddess Durga in acrylic

To give a look of calm, serene and pensive looking Devi Durga, create her with half closed eyes.

Again shades of blue have been used to highlight more of this divinity.

Try different forms of mukut or crown. The mukut usually covers the ears, so draw your designs for the mukut. Actually, these mukut are intricately carved by our artisans.

Ma Durga for kids


Goddess Durga is in soft watercolor here. There are soft flowers and patterns on the crown and the neck. The cheeks are highlighted in pink.

Her eyes are meant to be angry here as she is killing Mahishahura.

Children are often interested in painting folk art and if you looking for activity kits for kids in India, you should try buying one of them.

Goddess Durga is also shown facing her devotees. See one drawing of Ma Durga face below. The face is purposely left white as white is serene and peaceful. The other areas have been colored in acrylic.


Paint Goddess Durga. Send it to and the best three would be uploaded on this site.


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