Independence Day Art Project

What do you want to paint on Independence Day? Why not paint a picture with the tricolours that you see on the Indian flag. So for the Independence Day art project, we visit an artist who painted beautiful Indian folk art with this palette. Krishnendu Chaki is a versatile artist who experimented with media and styles. We will then paint in his style for this day. 

Krishnendu Chaki

Krishnendu Chaki was educated at the Government College of Art and Crafts in Kolkata and he lives and works out of Kolkata. Visit his illustrations for children’s books, book covers and his drawing with words and calligraphy. Chaki draws with a mind of a child and so the drawings are simple and happy. He loves painting the folk art of Bengal.

He adopts many medium and styles of painting. We will try and paint some in his style.

Independence Day Art Project

There are many national symbols like the lotus, the Royal Bengal tiger, the banyan tree, the Ashok Chakra, the dolphin, the peacock, which represent India. You can draw them in your own style.

But first, let’s colour the base of the canvas with the main three colours of the Indian flag. They are the India saffron, the white and the India green. If you want to check these colours and know their RGB values, it would be India saffron #FF9933, white #FFFFFF, India green #138808, navy blue #000080. If you want to create these shades with Camel Artistic Acrylic colours, use Camel cadmium red with the permanent yellow medium for the saffron and the permanent green light for India green. Merge these colours to give a uniform base of colours on canvas.

Once you have the base of the canvas ready, start drawing symbols that you think you can closely relate to India. Bring them to focus by highlighting the main area or softening the background. The series of paintings of folk art have beautifully done this


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