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8 International Art Contests That Kids Can Participate

International-Art-Contest-lilcreativekidsArt contests offer children some great life lessons. The kids think creatively on various themes and work towards a goal. It helps build self-confidence. It is definitely not the question of winning and losing, but working for it. 

It is also true that winning gives confidence to a child.

There are a number of children’s drawing contests that are held online all over the world. It is important that your child gets exposed to children’s art. It is one of the best ways to explore various forms of art.

So visit these sites and encourage your child to participate. Reading the rules of the contest is important before you submit the artwork to these sites. Here are art competitions in India that are held all year round.

International art contests for kids

  1. Frogs Are Green

Frogs Are Green is a non-profit organization that provides kids opportunity to know about the environment, frogs, and amphibians, and express them through art.

They have an annual art contest for kids held during the month of December.  You have to paint frogs or other amphibians. You can submit up to 3 artwork online. The winners are featured in a blog post and also shared on Facebook.

Usually, they ask to upload their pictures in Flickr or send it through the mail.

There are a lot of categories and groups for submitting the paintings. You should visit and check the contest section of their website.

2. Bansko International contest

This is an annual international art contest held every year in Bulgaria. One topic is free, the child can choose any theme of their choice. The other topic is given by the site.

The size of the drawing is usually specified. You have to mail them the painting to the specific address given on their website.

The submission dates are usually between May and July.  Children between age 4 and 18 may apply.


This contest is held almost every year and the painting has to reach by post before July of the year. Children aged 4 – 14 years of age can participate in this contest.

Once you visit their website you would be able to see other details of the contest. The topic is usually about marathon and skating.

4. Art Look and Learn

This site is dedicated to children art and they hold contests every month. Children till the age of 18 can participate.

They provide a monthly theme and children should submit paintings online on the theme.  Details on the contest are provided on the site.

You should also walk your child through the online children’s art gallery.

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5. Kao International Environment Painting Contest For Children

This is the seventh year Kao Corporation is holding the international art contest. They usually have topics on environmental concerns.

Children around the world between the age of 6 and 15 years old can participate. The contest is open from March to September and they announce the winners in the month of November.

It is better to do a google search on “Kao International Painting Contest for children” and put the relevant year to find this contest.

You have to send the artwork at the particular address which you would get on their website.

The contest aims to encourage children around the world to think seriously about protecting the environment around them and to depict what they can do to conserve resources in everyday life.

6. Space Foundation International Student Art Contest

This contest usually opens in August and the children can submit paintings till December of that year. Original artwork has to be posted on a space-oriented theme provided by them.

Children of the age-group  3 to 18 can participate. “How to Enter” will give the rules of the contest.

7. Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

This annual international art contest is been held from 2004. You have to join the contest and draw the car of your dreams. The contest encourages new ideas and creativity of the children.

The entry period of the art contest is usually from October to next year March.

There are three age categories that children can enter, 7 years old and under; 8-11 years old; 12-15 years old.

Check the country entry details to participate in the contest.

8. YardKit Art Contest

Here is your chance to win the YardKit Art Contest. Hurry!! As the last day to enter the contest is November 10, 2017. Check the details of the contest at Yardkit Art Contest.

9. Other contests

Here you can find other international children art contest. You can visit their individual sites to know more about the contests.

You should also visit Samantha Bell’s  site to see more on international art contests. She also holds contests on her own website on various topics each month.

When you have to send the artwork from India, you can opt for sending it through India post. Speed Post is a fast and economical option to send art to the desired address. You can also send through DHL or Fedex from India.

Hope your child would enjoy participating in these contests and let their ideas and imaginations express through art.

Art is one of the most authentic expressions of thoughts and feelings of a child. So encourage your child to create art.


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