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Jean Dubuffet Art Style

I am sure you are looking for Valentine’s day card ideas and want to make your own DIY cards. As always, we will take inspirations from artists to learn some new techniques and ways to create art. So we meet our artist Jean Dubuffet and we will paint our Valentine’s day card in Jean Dubuffet art style.

Jean Dubuffet was a French artist and sculptor who was born in 1901. He was not too enthusiastic to complete his art education and was in and out of his art career many times. Jean started the Art Brut movement. He took special interest in the artwork of non-professionals and differently abled children. This form of art was called ‘Art Brut’ or ‘raw art’ or the art which is self-taught and naive.

He himself engaged in childlike art forms which he called the representation of his mind. This was quite against the conventional art prevalent in Europe at that time. Critics did not appreciate his art. He painted his pictures with drab colors and textures but this highlighted the condition of Paris after the war.  

Today we will try out Dubuffet’s Hourloupe style.  This style of his painting was developed by chance when he was doodling while talking on his telephone. It is basically lines drawn at random, tangled to form cells which were colored to create objects that appeared in his mind. Dubuffet colored them with red, blue and white and sometimes with hatched lines. These beautifully formed objects were later created as sculptures.

Jean Dubuffet Art Lesson

Children above the age of 4 should try his style of painting.

Take a paper and fold it to form a card. Scribble some lines. Children can easily draw swirls and fill a page. For me, too, it was relaxing to just fill the paper with scribbles. 

Since I wanted to paint Valentine’s day card, I started looking for my hearts in the scribbles and the shapes near it. In no time, I found two of them and started creating my imaginary birds. I took some sharpies in shades of red and pink and filled with solid color and others with stripes. I loved the end result.

Try any image with any colors. You will create unique interesting characters.  Make these handmade Valentine’s day cards and give it to your friends.

Valentine's day cards in Jean Dubuffet style

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