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Play Story Writing Games with Kids

These games for kids help and encourage children to write stories and think creativelyWe all realize that being able to write well is an important skill in life and the best time to start writing is when kids are really young. As parents, we should encourage and help them to write.

By creating and telling a story, children learn to organize their thoughts and communicate better. It also increases a child’s span of attention.

Children start narrating stories at a very early age but starting to write them sometimes become daunting. We will try to see ways to make story writing fun.

Here are some games that can help 6-8-year-olds find interest in writing stories

1. Ask them to describe their picture

Children draw before they write. Once they have drawn, the way to show interest in their drawing is to ask questions. They would then start to think and weave a story. They will have a story to tell. Write their story for them. Give a name for the composition. This is the first step to creative writing.

2. Describe a picture

A picture can inspire a thousand words. Pictures draw the attention of small kids and telling a story through pictures is a nice way to help them write.

Cut out pictures of what your child likes, might be animals, cars, sea, fairies and help them to arrange it in a story.  Paste them on a piece of paper in the sequence and write short sentences for them. You can write it for them if they are still very young. Read them out every now and then.

3. Play Story cubes

This is a game my daughter loved. There are pictures on each side of the dice. You roll the die together and then you make your story based on the pictures that you get on the faces of the die. You can write the story in prose or in poetry with rhyming lines. This actually improves creativity, imagination, and communication of your child. Ages 6 and up can play the game. Ask them to write it out on a piece of paper. Participate in the game and read the story to each other.

See the story has a start and an end.

4. Give your child story starters

Story starters are fun to write. If you are checking online, you should visit

Here you have story starters for all ages. Sit with them and let them make a story.  Ask them questions to easily draft a story. If the story is nice, print it out or make it out into a book. Send them out to families and friends. This will encourage your child to write more.

5. Share your child’s stories with their friends

Playing games of story writing with friends is a great way to improve the writing skills. Children learn from each other and open up more than they do with elders.

You can play games like telephone Pictionary with your kids.

Each friend in the group can write a phrase or sentence and then passes on to the player on their left. A child writes a line. The player next draws what he understands from the line, folds the paper so that only the drawing is visible.

The next one writes what he sees in the drawing.

And so it continues.

After the paper gets over, unfold the paper and have fun reading and comparing the original and the end story.

6. Story writing prompts

If you are looking for prompts for your stories, Storymatic Kids is the game to play.

There are also books available which have games for kids to help them in writing. I bought this book for my daughter and she enjoyed playing many of the games written in this book.

It is also important for your child to have a good book to write, a place to sit, such as a desk or table with a smooth, flat surface. It’s also crucial to have good lighting.

Reading gives an exposure a child needs to write. So always see that your child has something to read.

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