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Learn to Paint Watercolor Flowers Inspired by Vera Neumann

Vera-Neumann-style-kids-lilcreativekidsHave you tried painting flowers in watercolor? Watercolor is a soft medium and it always excites young artists to color some flowers in this medium. And one of the well-known artists who painted flowers in watercolor is Vera Neumann.

Vera was an American artist who painted flowers and then moved into designing scarves and housewares using prints of her paintings. 

Vera Neumann flowers

Vera created some of her major artworks between the 1950s and 1980s. The images were inspired by the flowers she saw in her garden. Daffodils, tulips bleeding hearts, roses, daisies, poppies and sunflowers are some that featured in her paintings.

Her flowers looked absolutely real and sometimes she created them abstract. They were sometimes painted bold and other times soft. But they were all inspired by nature.

In many of her artworks, you would find a dense collection of flowers slowly fading away. Vera painted lone flowers in a completely white and blank background.  She also drew a bunch of flowers that went diagonally across the page.

Vera has flowers painted which alternated with dark colors and light colors. She sometimes used black outlines to support her flowers in some paintings. Colors were carefully chosen to give a classy and a fresh look.

When she moved onto designing textiles, her patterns bold and more abstract. Vera Neumann scarves had prints that have colors with great graphic style.

Watercolor Flower Art Lesson

Vera-Neumann-style-kids-lilcreativekidsGet ready with your watercolor art supplies and an art paper of medium to large size to create the paintings. Take an A4 sheet. Yo can also use acrylic paints as acrylic paints act like watercolors when mixed with water.

See some of Vera Neumann’s flowers which I have pinned on Pinterest.

Try creating a natural flower. Sit outside in your garden, see the flowers and paint it.

You can first draw your flowers or start painting right away. Even if you draw the flowers with a pencil, be careful to draw it light as pencil marks will be seen through watercolor.

Think of 2-3 colors which will go well with each other. Create layers by painting again after the base color dries. Balance the flowers with leaves.


Vera-Neumann-StyleFlowers-lilcreativekidsHere, both the paintings have white flowers. The first one has the white flowers outlined in between the other flowers to bring the white into focus. On the left, on the other hand, the flower is brought into focus by negative painting.

Draw inspiration from nature to create your art. Paint as many flowers as you can till you master the technique of light and shade.

Also, create abstract flowers.  You can use acrylic paints to create it.

What can you learn from Vera Neumann’s painting?

  1. Use layering techniques in watercolor.
  2. Learn to play with the transparency of watercolor. You can also use acrylic paints as acrylic paints work like watercolor when mixed with water.
  3. Think of the painting as a whole. How do you want to use the entire canvas so that the picture looks complete?
  4. Merge colors to create backgrounds.
  5. Sometimes use black lines to bring the flowers more in focus.

Paint flowers in acrylic on canvas in the style of Annie O’Brien Gonzales.

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