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List of Youtube Art Lessons for Kids

There are many resources available in youtube where children can learn drawing and painting techniques. They are step-by-step videos which easy to follow and learn. Here are some youtube channels that children must watch.

The channels listed here will help children get started with simple drawings. Furthermore, there are youtube videos where children can learn techniques of acrylic painting and watercolor.

Art for Kids Hub

This is a youtube channel completely dedicated to kids. Here Rob draws and paints with his family and share the art with us. He beautifully captures his children painting along with him enjoying all along the way. Join him as he paints and creates beautiful cartoons. Amuse yourself while you paint with him.

Children can learn to create simple drawings or doodling from the following 4 channels. These channels are designed for kids. Be ready with your pen and paper and enjoy while you follow these ‘How to draw’ tutorials to create your art.


This youtube channel is aimed towards kids. There are art lessons to draw simple cartoons. Watch her as Miss Em does effortless illustrations of cute animals. She also demonstrates the way she paints these sketches with watercolors.

Sarah/ sarazorel

Sarah like to doodle or draw objects of everyday use in her planner and art journal. These are adorable and easy to draw objects that teach you to draw small things in your life. She combines different items like kitchen utensils, sports rackets and tools, potted plants, Harry Potter characters, weather, banners, food, paper boats and much more. Children from age 5-8 are encouraged to doodle along her while she shares many ideas and inspirations that kids will love to see. Brustro Technical Pen Black Brush is something you can try to create these illustrations. 


DoodleKat1 has cute drawings of animals and cartoons which children always love to draw. There are more than 100 videos which teach to draw one thing at a time. These are all free-hand drawings, so try them multiple times till you are satisfied with your drawing.


An interesting channel that has tutorials and challenges to entertain and inform about the vast art world of Mei Yu. She includes easy steps and great techniques where you can color with markers. She draws mostly animated characters that anybody can watch her do and create.

Here are some channels where you can learn techniques in acrylic painting and watercolor. Children aged 9-12 should watch these videos and paint while they see.

Painting with Jane

Jane has step-by-step videos for painting in acrylic. This channel is aimed towards beginners who want to try their hands at painting. Her videos are detailed and children will see different techniques in acrylic paintings. She chooses a range of topics to paint including flowers, landscape, spooky monster. Get ready with your acrylic paints and learn while you paint with her. 

Peter Sheeler

The channel will inspire you to paint soft watercolor sketches as you see in nature and landscape around. He uses his pencil, pen, and watercolor to create these wonderful pieces.

Be inspired to take your sketchbook as you travel and capture beautiful moments in watercolor. You can buy watercolor supplies online in India. 


Here Ira Sluyterman is a german illustrator who paints autumn nature, birds and other cozy things in watercolor. In this channel, see her paint small pictures in watercolor, layering them again and again to give that illustrative look.

Carla Sonheim

Here is a fun way to learn and gain expertise in art. Find art tutorials, online classes and artist interviews in this channel. Carla is a mixed media artist and she teaches innovative techniques for self-expression. You will learn new skills and gain confidence in art
Now this is a channel which familiarizes kids to artists and their art.

Art with Mati and Dada

This is an animated series of episodes to expose children to famous artists and their creations. The channel is directed for kids aged 5-8. Here Mati, a seven-year-old girl is transported into lives of great artists with her friend Dada. Together they have exciting adventures and mysteries about the history of art. Learn along with them and indulge in the great time periods of the artists as well as their backgrounds, so you can also become an expert on artists’ past.

I shall keep you informed about any other YouTube channels if I come across them. Tell me in the comments about any art channels that you think are suitable and I would try to include them here. Until then keep watching, but not too much ! 😉


  1. Thanks for the list of channels! I also came across a channel called DIYwithOllie when I was searching around. It’s a 5 year old that does crafts and stuff. I think it’s perfect for this post.


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