How to Make Triangle Shaped Rangoli

Those of you who follow my blog posts regularly will remember I wrote about Warli art. Warli is a form of tribal art where the women draw village scenes on walls of their huts using simple shapes, mainly triangles.

We recently saw how to make a rangoli or patterns on the floor using dots as the guideline.

Now let’s combine these two forms of art to create rangoli patterns using triangles.

You will need a graph paper or a grid dotted notebook.

Triangular patterns

Now, how many ways can you make triangles using the grid? Think of ways you can create a triangle using one square of a grid, two squares or four squares. Make the triangles standing, slanting or even sleeping. When you place these triangles next to each other, you start creating patterns of your own.

Here are some that can be used as building blocks to inspire you to create any rangoli designs you want. I am sure you will be making lots of your own.

In the pattern shown alongside I wanted to make a star-shaped design and have started by drawing four triangles on the side of a square. I then worked outward creating more triangles along eight axes. Using a sequence of triangles to create this pattern is easy and interesting. The shape looks like a snowflake. Make your own snowflake or star-shaped patterns with triangles.

Next, I have created a ‘circular’ and a square pattern. In the circular pattern on the left, I have started with inverted triangles drawn in a square. In the core of the pattern on the right, we have triangles in the corner of a central diamond.  Isn’t it amazing what we can do with a set of crosses and triangles?

You can also use color pencils and markers to create rangoli of triangular patterns.


Contributed by: Vithi Singh


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