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Minimalist Art with Kids

What is Minimalism or Minimalist art?

Minimalism Art was an art movement which focused on art that is simple yet beautiful. The aim of this art movement was to create pieces of art which minimised distractions and focus on only that is valuable. This art style started in 1950s in USA and reached its peak in 1960s when many artists adopted this style of painting. It is a form of abstract art where geometric shapes like lines and rectangles and vertical blocks were repeated to create images. Fewest possible lines and colours were used to keep it uncomplicated. The colours were even monochromatic where one colour and its hues were used. Here you will not see brushstrokes or expressions conveyed through these paintings.

Some of the most prominent Minimalist artists were sculptors. Among the prominent Minimalist painters were Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella.

So what makes minimalist art?

This art is abstract which might or might not represent anything. The colours are minimum, sometimes even one. The boundaries of colours are hard edged. Repetition of a form is common.

Try painting in the style of Ellsworth Kelly. Visit his contour drawing or outline drawing of plants and flowers.

Sato Kanae

Looking for artists for kids who have a minimalist approach, we hit upon Sato Kanae and her cute illustrations. Sato creates work for book covers and magazines. She uses a limited palette and saturated colours. She uses few lines for her subject. You will find cute little girls playing, dancing, running, cuddling animals. Her paintings are whimsical and cool. Visit her paintings and then draw one of the figures. You will love painting one of her animals too.

Try painting with any art media. I have used markers but acrylic paints will be nice to work with. Remember, keep it simple and uncluttered.


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