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Paint Acrylic Flowers on Canvas

annie-style-floral-paintingAll kids love to paint flowers.  Here are some artists who can inspire children to paint acrylic flowers on canvas. Flowers can be all colours and shapes. They can be painted as still life or landscapes.

We meet two artist who paints abstract still life flowers in acrylic.

Annie O’Brien Gonzales

Annie O’Brien Gonzales is our first artist who paints in acrylic and oil as well as mixed media. Her paintings are expressive. Expressive painting is a painting style wh the painting is colourful and bold and it does not have a smooth, completely finished look to it. The art style is meant to display the brush strokes and textures and the paints stand out.

Let paint one floral abstract still life painting.

Art Material

You will need

  • acrylic paints
  • canvas, A4 or larger
  • acrylic brushes

Children above 9 years should try one of her paintings. Since this painting needs a lot of layers, it would need time for one layer to dry and then use another layer.

Art Lesson on painting acrylic flowers

annie-acrylic-flowersWe will paint still life flowers. Though the subject is simple, the composition matters. So think about the entire painting with the objects and what colours you want to use.

Here the painting is by instinct and “happy accidents”.  Creating layers and underpainting will help you reach an outcome which will be satisfying. Since children are naturally intuitive, they can create unique pieces of art in this style.

acrylic-flowers-painting-ideasSince acrylic paints are opaque, you can experiment using many layers of colours.

What can you learn from Annie O’Brien’s paintings?

  1. Think about the composition as a whole. A vase of flowers can be kept anywhere, on a table or on the window sill. The background plays an important role. Sketch small compositions on your notebook.
  2. Layering makes the painting look colourful. Paint one layer above the other. The lower layer of paints is sometimes forming an outline for Annie’s paintings.
  3.  Go by your instincts. You have to try many times and spend some time on the easel till you will be satisfied.

Anna Blatman

 Anna Blatman is an artist from Australia who also loves to use colours. As she says, “May your life be full of colours,” her paintings also illustrate that. Her huge paintings are a riot of colours. Flowers of different shapes and hues fill the canvas.

Anna uses thick textured paints to give a three-dimensional look to her paintings. Her shapes are simple. Yet they look so fresh and lively

Here you would enjoy painting simple flowers with knives.

Make layers. Move from darker shades to lighter shades letting the previous layer to dry. I am sure you will love painting flowers in acrylic.

Kees Van de Wetering

Kees Van de Wetering is a Dutch artist who a technique called fragmenting and the art form is known as fragmatic art. Visit Kees Van de Wetering paintings of tulips and the flamingos.


Create flowers in fragmatic art style.

Children above the age of 10 should try this art form.

His art form is abstract. Vertical lines cut through the paintings to create fragments in the painting. His colour gradation adds to the image of fragmentation. 

There are many ways he creates the fragmented look to his paintings.

  1. The whole picture is painted with rectangular strokes of different shades of the same colour.
  2. The image shifts along the vertical lines creating the fragmatic art.
  3. The alternating gradation of colours creates the fragments. 

Try your own way to create the fragmented look of the picture.


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