Paint Halloween Ghosts

It is Halloween this month and it’s the perfect time to paint some ghosts. Since we will paint the ghosts in white, we will have a night scene for our Halloween ghosts.

Last year we learnt silhouette painting on Halloween, this time we will learn three techniques in acrylic painting.


To paint a perfect night scene we will learn to create shades of a colour. We will also learn to paint mist or fog and finally learn how to make acrylic paints transparent.

You will need acrylic paints and a piece of canvas.

To paint a night scene,  use a combination of black and white. Prussian blue and Burnt Sienna can also be used to create a scary night.

Here we are using different shades of grey to create the night scene. You can first paint an underpainting and then paint layers to create the depth. Remember things in the front look darker than the ones behind. As usual think of the source of light and shade accordingly.

Once you are satisfied with the painting, slowly start applying mist. Take white or lighter shade of grey and mix water to create transparency of the paint. Then taking the paint little by little, move in circular motions on the canvas. You can use a hard bristle brush for this. Lift any extra paint dry and see the blurring effect.

Next, we start adding the ghosts. For this, you will need white paint. Zinc oxide is transparent and can be used. If you are using acrylic paint titanium white, then thin the paint with water or acrylic media like gloss acrylic medium or matte acrylic medium. Paint them. See that you can see the background once the color has dried.


Have fun making the eyes and the mouth of the ghosts. You would then complete your Halloween ghost painting.



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