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Paint Mother and Child for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in India. It is a day we express love and appreciation towards our mothers.

And for us, it is a perfect occasion to paint the mother and her child.

There are many artists who beautifully paint mother and child in their own unique style. We will visit three different styles to paint this theme.

First, we will use watercolor, where the softness of this medium will help to illustrate this better.

Chihoro Iwasaki

Chihoro Iwasaki is a famous Japanese artist and illustrator who loved painting children and flowers. She illustrated many children books between 1952 and 1974 before she died of illness. Chihoro Art Museum in Japan, which was established in her memory has many of her works. With very few strokes and limited use of colors, she brings out the gentleness and warmth of her subjects. She also uses a lot of negative painting techniques.

Now paint your own picture. Paint with minimum strokes. Think about the two-three colors before you start painting.

Childen about 10 years should try painting with watercolor.

African art

I love the way the African mothers carry their children on their back. And here we have found an artist on Pinterest who has a unique style of painting mother and child. The paintings are bold and the long slender figures bring out the features of an African woman and child.

We will use the acrylic medium for painting this picture. Children of all ages can try this style.

Color the background. The attire of African ladies are bright and the designs are organic.  So design the attire intricately.

Here is another style where we have used the palette knife and acrylics to paint a mother and child for mother’s day. The painting is abstract and the painting takes shapes as you slowly apply paints layer after layer.

Enjoy painting one in your style.



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