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How to paint the sheep

One of the easy and cutest animals that all children will love to draw and paint is the sheep. So here is an art lesson for kindergartners – how to paint the sheep.

So we will watch some artworks of artists who draw sheep in their own way. We will also see how the combination of colours from the colour wheel make these paintings look amazing.

The two contemporary artists that we visit are Thomas Joseph and Debi Hubbs.

Thomas Joseph

Thomas Joseph is an Irish artist who loves capturing the mystic landscape of Ireland and Scotland in his paintings. This whimsical artist is fond of painting sheep and these sheep face you looking straight out of the paper as if trying to start a conversation.

Today we will draw a simple landscape with mountains and green fields. Older kids can add some houses behind. We will use a sponge to paint our sheep white and then paint the face of the sheep black.

Thomas Joseph combines shades of blue and orange in his paintings. These are complementary colours and sit on the opposite sides of the colour wheel

Take out your acrylic paints and a watercolour paper for this art project

Now here are some steps to create his paintings.

Debi Hubbs

Debi Hubbs is a designer and illustrator from California, United States. Her style is folk art and it includes farm animals like sheep, cow and the dashing hen.

Though she is drawing the same sheep, what makes her paintings look different from Thomas Joseph style. It is definitely the combination of colors and the style of paintings. Debi Hubbs loves using acrylic using watercolour techniques to create texture. So sometimes you can see the effect of sprinkling salt and others have effects on the use of alcohol. 

Debi Hubbs again chooses a completely different palette, she chooses the analogous colour scheme. So red, orange, yellow, green defines her paintings.

Children of all ages should try these paintings.


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