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Painting Rain for Kids

Do you feel like painting the rain, now that the monsoons have already started? It is exciting to paint a rainy landscape, the blurry scenery, the pouring rain, the lush green nature and the reflections make the same environment look so unique.

There are many ways to capture the rain. As usual, let’s first visit two artists and see how they paint and capture rain in two different styles.

Children above the age of 10 can try painting rain in this style. We will use canvas sheets and acrylic paints to paint this picture. 

Pete Rumney

Pete Rumney is a contemporary artist from UK.  He is an artist who loves to paint the umbrella. He gives the grayish brown look for the rainy day. But to contrast the background he uses bright red, blue, green and yellow against this background which makes these paintings look bright and attractive. And his subjects, especially children have fun in the rain. They jump in the water, play with the dogs, fly with the umbrella and the paintings look lively.

Here some paintings of Pete Rumney pinned for you. My daughter just loved it.

Now decide what to paint. Make innocent children having fun. Paint the background, see where you want the light to fall and where is the darkness. Check for the reflection. Then the thin lines for the rain and for the lines of reflection will complete the picture.

Katerina Mertikas

As opposed to Pete Rumney, Katerina does not choose any grey for her background. The children wear raincoats and caps and carry umbrellas and that look quite a rainy scene. Since Katerina is from Canada, she captures nature with lots of flowers which blooms when it rains there. The bright color and children make her paintings look so happy. Katerina calls her style naive impressionist. Here like an impressionist art, the artist is painting nature and paints them in bright colors. The paintings are busy with bright colors and energetic, innocent children. Use your layers to create the painting.

Here are some Katerina Mertikas paintings where she captures simple nature.

See the nature around you and capture the way you see it. You can make it look completely blurry. Here is a painting in watercolor. It’s pouring and the whole scenery looks blurred. A normal painting was initially painted and then slanting brushstrokes have been applied with soft grey paint.

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