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Painting Ideas for Preschoolers on Canvas

Here are some painting ideas for preschoolers.  Small children of age 4 to 6 years love to think on their own and are usually very spontaneous. They use colors and brushes in their own way. And we as teachers can help them convert these simple, painted pictures into works of art. Gaston Chaissac is one such artist who can inspire children to draw colorful yet attractive art. His art is childlike and colorful.

Gaston Chaissac

Gaston Chaissac (France, 1910-1964) was a self-taught artist who had no formal art training. His art was not restricted to any rules and painted outside the official academic fine art culture. Gaston experimented with colors and used all type of materials for his art from newspaper, peels, shells and others. He also created collages and three-dimensional work.

Jean Dubuffet described this form of art as ‘raw art’ or Art Brut and artists in this movement created art that was naive. 

Art Lesson


Experiment with colors and apply colors in random.

Use an A4 sheet watercolor paper for the project. We will use acrylic paints.

Apply paints on the paper. Let children freely use their arms to sweep and apply the paint. There should be enough paint on the brush. Once the colors dry, try to find the place to paint the head. Paint the head in white and then in light blue, purple or yellow. Though Chaissac application of colors on paper looked random, it still showed the posture and the position of the body.  Apply paints in some areas to make it look more human. Finally, outline with an acrylic marker.

Jean Joseph Sanfourche

Another artist who painted simple yet attractive art and was part of the Art Brut movement was Jean Joseph Sanfourche (b. 1932)

Sanfourche paints tiny colorful figures on almost everything. He carves on wood, stone, metal and even flints or bones. Jean-Joseph was half-blind, yet his art is so expressive and colorful. His art has been exhibited in America, Japan, Switzerland, and Germany.

Art Lesson Objective

Draw happy, expressive figures like Sanfourche and color them flat.

Children between age 4 to 6 years can try his painting. 

Let us draw simple figures. Visit some of Sanfourche paintings. His signature faces have round eyes, hanging nose and lips with a smile. Draw them big and color them flat. Then outline them with bold black lines.

Lucila Manchado

I just love her work. Her art is simple, childlike yet so attractive. Lucila Manchado has her own way to illustrate cities with her unique forms and shapes. Each of her houses, roads, people, nature, trees and flowers and has a story to tell.

paint in style of Lucila ManchadoLucila Manchado (born May 1978) is an artist from Mar del Plata, Argentina. She attended School of Visual Arts Martín Malharro, Mar del Plata and then the Faculty of Fine Arts in La Plata.

She predominantly uses yellow and orange for the houses and people and green or blue for the rest of the painting to create a rhythm in her paintings. White is used sparingly and bold outlines complete her painting. Her figures have a style of their own.


Use bold and flat colors to represent a city. Create your own style of figures.


Use acrylic paints to create this painting. Use bold and vibrant colors. Mix colors to create shades of yellow and orange. Use green and blue to balance the warm and cool shades. Use bold outlines for the paintings.

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